4 Things that every chef needs

Every professional chef should have a tool kit to make his work easier. We all know that a knife is a must-have cooking tool for every chef. But there are other things that the chef needs to prepare meals.  We will review at least four other things you will need as a chef. Through professional training, you will learn more about the chef’s tool kit and other things you need in the kitchen at all times. You may check online reviews for additional information on modern kitchen appliances and tools.

Here are 4 Things that every chef needs:

  1. Cutting board

A chef should have at least two cutting boards. One should be for cutting veggies and the other one for cutting meat. They should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid bacteria contamination. Using the same chopping board for meat and veggies is not advisable as the bacteria in raw meat may contaminate the fruits and veggies. You should review a few chopping boards online to identify the best. Experts recommend wooden chopping boards as compared to plastics because they last longer, and are easy to clean.

  1. Mortar and pestle

There are many types of mortar and pestles in the market. You can choose one of the high-quality mortar depending on your preference. But Porcelain is easier to clean and more durable. You may also get stone or wooden mortars. Most of the food preparation procedures require crushing. This is especially so for natural spices that includes garlic, ginger, or fresh turmeric.

Herbs are also a common ingredient in most food recipes and may require crushing before use for more flavors. A mortar and pestle is, therefore, an important tool that you should have in your kitchen.

  1. Preparation space

Every chef needs enough space to prepare meals. The kitchen space should have enough storage for utensils and cooking tools. You should also have enough space to cool foods after roasting or baking. A chef’s kitchen should have enough room to chop, grind and crush meal ingredients. One may invest in kitchen islands to increase more space in the kitchen. Working on a bigger kitchen space is not only enjoyable but makes your work easier too. A spacious pantry also helps you to be more organized in the kitchen.

  1. Cooking pots and pans

You should invest in high-quality pots. Though they may be expensive, they are more durable. A cast iron skillet is a must-have tool for every chef. Most recipes require stir-frying, and the cast iron skillet will be perfect for that job. A set of cooking pots and pans will be required to prepare different meals. You should also get a high-quality oven for roasting and baking. Before you buy pots, you may review your style of cooking and what is appropriate for you. You should also get high-quality prep and mixing bowls to make your work easier.

There are many other things that a chef needs. We have highlighted the main tools that a chef needs. Things like a blender, condiments and wooden spoons are also essential in the kitchen.

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