5 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Ears While Listening To Music

5 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Ears While Listening To Music

Some everyday activities might harm your ears’ health. It would help if you took good care of your ears to prevent hearing loss. Hearing loss may be gradual. Listening to loud music can contribute to hearing loss. To prevent this, consider doing the following:

1)    Get an In-Ear Monitor

Believe it or not, you can listen to quality music without blasting it into your ears. In-ear monitors create an ambient surrounding with highly reduced noise levels that are ideal for your ears and for playing music. You can order these incredible devices online.

However, most people fail to get fitting pieces, and this ruins the experience. You can get an in-ear monitor made just for you. The customized product will fit perfectly since it is moulded to fit your ear canal perfectly. You also get to choose your specific style and other details like color, making them a perfect choice. You can get a set of custom-made in-ear monitors from Listening Stack and start enjoying music healthily and safely.

2)    Turn It Down

You do not have to play at maximum levels to enjoy music. You can play music at acceptable levels that do not compromise your health and hearing capabilities. Music playing in your ears should allow you to hear anyone around you. The music within your surrounding should enable you to hear the background activities too. Try to reduce the volume to low levels if you plan to listen to music for long. You should also consider those around you and avoid damaging their ears too.

3)    Stay Away From the Source

Music can be quite loud near speakers. Stayed away from these speakers because they can have deafening effects. Loudspeakers will be found in clubs, self-customized cars, events, and even from public address systems. In case you cannot stay away, wear earplugs or request for a volume reduction where possible. You can also walk away from the noise in intervals. This reduces the exposure and the effect caused by loud music.

4)    Take a Break

Too much of something is dangerous and so is music. Take a break from listening to music by switching it off completely once in a while. You can also apply the 60:60 rule where you balance the time you listen to music and the volume. This smart volume feature regulates the volume automatically on devices when volumes go past the 60% mark. On your part, you can keep off music for an hour after listening for the same duration. This helps reduce the ringing sound in the ear and the pain that might be felt for continuous exposure to loud music.

5)    Use Over the Head Earphones

Over-the-head earphones sit on your ear and not inside it as the plugs do. They keep their vibrations on the ear surface and does send them directly to the eardrum. Quality over-the-head earphones have a surround system mechanism of playing music reducing the noise levels considerably.

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