A Detailed Guide To Plan A Perfect Europe Trip From India

If you have always wanted to wander through medieval castles, take a stroll along cobblestone streets, or experience the breathtaking beauty of natural landscapes, you should plan a visit to Europe. This beautiful continent is home to numerous magnificent and culturally diverse countries you must visit at least once.

Anyone willing to explore different cultures, food, attractions, activities, etc., can start their international travel journey from Europe. If you’re ready, this guide can help you design the perfect Europe trip from India. So let’s quickly learn more about the tips shared below.

  • Pick the Ideal Destination

Europe has 40+ countries, each offering its unique charm and grandeur. You should pick a country with plenty of attractions and activities of your interest. If you aren’t time and budget-restricted, you can plan a trip to multiple European countries. The continent has a designated Schengen area consisting of 26 European countries offering a common visa policy.

Anyone willing to explore much of the continent can apply for a Schengen visa and enjoy access to Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium, and other Schengen countries on a single visa. We recommend picking a country based on your interests. For example, Spain is perfect for sun-seekers and party enthusiasts, while France is ideal for art and culture enthusiasts.   

  • Create a Personalized Itinerary

If you want to plan your trip without compromising your travel experiences, you must give yourself enough time to research and prepare a personalized itinerary. It can help you optimize your travel time, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything significant. Start by learning about the top attractions of your shortlisted country, and mix them with some off-beat gems for a balanced experience.

People on a restricted budget should first search for all the free attractions, cheapest european country to visit from India, group tours, budget-friendly accommodations, etc. If you want to add adventure and unexpected discoveries, don’t be too rigid with your itinerary. Always keep some room for flexibility and on-the-spot changes to accommodate better experiences.

  • Book the Flight Tickets & Accommodation

The sooner you book flight tickets and accommodation, the better. Early booking will help you save money while ensuring your favourite accommodation doesn’t get pre-booked by other tourists. Getting flight tickets can become challenging if you plan to travel during the holiday season. So once you’ve finalized your travel destination, prioritize booking the flight tickets and accommodation.

If you have decided to visit multiple European countries on a Schengen visa, study the best routes before booking any flight. Once you reach a European country, especially the ones in the Schengen area, you can take the train route to reach other countries faster and cheaper.   

  • Start Learning Some Local Lingo

A mistake some travelers make while visiting Europe is assuming that English is the common language in all European countries. While English is spoken in many European countries, it isn’t the case everywhere. For example, if you’ve decided to visit France, learn some local lingo in French. If you’re visiting France, learning words like Bonjour (Hello), Excusez-moi (Excuse me), Merci (Thank you), etc., can help.

On the other hand, when visiting Spain, learn some basic lingo like Por favour (Please), Gracias (Thank you), Hola (Hello), etc., for easy communication with the locals. We recommend learning about the official language of the European country you’re visiting and learning some basic lingo for convenience.   

  • Apply for Travel Visa

Since the European continent has 40+ countries, you have to check the visa requirements of the shortlisted country. People willing to explore multiple European countries in the Schengen region can apply for a Schengen visa for Indians, as it will allow them to travel between different Schengen countries without any additional visa.

For example, if you get a Schengen visa, you can travel to Latvia, Poland, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, and other countries within the Schengen region without individually applying for tourist visas. It will save you time, visa money, etc., ensuring you can explore more in a single visit.  

Get Ready to Explore Enchanting European Countries

If you’re an ardent traveler, you must have some European countries on your bucket list. The continent is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences. Be it Italy or Spain, Austria or the United Kingdom, every country is unique and has something special to offer. Although the continent is vast, strategic travel planning can help you explore most of Europe. If you’re ready to explore the beauty of this region, follow all the tips discussed above and plan for your next trip to a beautiful European country. Since European countries offer diverse experiences, we recommend starting with a budget-friendly location.

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