All of us have grown up watching love stories and we have always wished to meet our Raj and Simran, in some park or a library or atleast a train. That’s the impact love stories have had on us. But hey wait.. do u think only people can fall in love ? Then think again….

Let me share a story about two unusual lovers who come together and the result? A delicious pack of #ChickenFries! That’s right, Chicken Fries are here! Introducing you all to our Hero and heroine of today’s epic love story…golden crisp Mr. Fries and juicy Ms. Chicken!!

Once upon a time, the handsomest Mr.Fries’ eyes fell on a fluffy chicken in a beautiful park. Ms. Chicken was so pretty with shapely thighs and juicy wings that she was a sure shot head turner. And when their eyes met….Oh man!!! It was love at first sight!!! The rest was history ….

Just like any typical movie, enters father Rooster who opposes this pair.Chick and Fries run away and get married. Happy happy ending… Isn’t it?

Wait… the story is not over yet! Happily married; Chick and Fries lived in a world of their own. And soon…. Chick was pregnant! Days passed..months flew and finally the “ D day ” arrived… Everybody waited to see…Is it a chicken? Would it be fries? Fries rushed her to the nearest and the best in town kitchen – Burger King! Fries waited patiently outside. Finally, the doors opened and the Chef said“Congratulations! It’s a healthy pack of Chicken Fries!!”. It’s juicy; it’s delicious; it’s steamy

Aah… isn’t that a cute love story. When two unique characters come together, the result can only be something mind  blowing , like Chicken Fries !! I  love this love story…hats off to the creative team of Burger King… What an imagination guys!!

Being a veg, I had never tasted chicken fries..but was always curious to see how cute these chicken fries were… and when I heard Chicken Fries have been introduced on the Burger King menu in India, it was like Wow! Made a quick call to my friend and off we went to Jayanagar Burger King outlet. The place had a great ambiance where people can order for food, sit, relax and enjoy the meal. We ordered a packet of French fries for me and two packs of chicken fries for my friend . There came our chicken fries sitting pretty inside an adorable chicken face cartoon box. I love the colorful packaging (good job marketing team) and it works great for grubbing on the go complete with a spot to hold your dipping sauce.The service was pretty quick. Chicken Fries are made with white meat chicken coated in a light crispy breading seasoned with savoury spices and herbs. Shaped like fries, Chicken Fries are perfect to enjoy with a delicious dipping sauce. Indeed, a tempting crowd pleaser that the whole family will love!

My friend was happy emptying these chicken fries..while I was happy to get a glimpse of them . Oh yeah !! did I mention I hogged and hogged the golden crisp french fries , Full marks for quantity and quality. So addictive both the snacks were that we went on munching them. The chicken fries took us back to your childhood.If you are a chicken fan or if you too love the epic love visit your nearest Burger king outlet and lay your hand on these chicken fries for just Rs 79 !! There’s a great BBQ sauce too …which is a plus. Now how cool is that… Go on an empty stomach to enjoy their meal.



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