Goa is one of the more renowned travel destinations in India, which is why we previously highlighted it as the perfect holiday destination ! It’s full of beautiful coastal areas and fun places to stay, and probably has the best beaches in India. And while it’s fairly crowded with tourists, its charm never seems to wear off.

River Mandovi Goa India Casino

One reason a lot of people flock to Goa beyond natural beauty and a strong reputation, however, is that it’s as good a place as you’ll find in India for casino activity. Particularly near the coast to the north of Margao, the area is home to a lot of really fun casino establishments. Naturally a lot of people’s minds first drift to the internet when they hear “casino” these days, and it’s been rightly stated that mobile slots are the dominant force in online gaming these days. That is to say, people mostly play these games on devices they can fit in their pockets. But in Goa, one is reminded that once upon a time casinos were as much about vacation destinations as the games themselves.
The main draw in the area may be the Neo Majestic, which has been written up as one of the best Goa hotels and with good reason. This is a legitimate luxury establishment perfect for a more elegant vacation in the area, and it happens to house one of the biggest casinos in India as well. Casino Paradise, the in-house establishment, is basically 5,000 square feet of comfortable gaming variety. It’s perhaps the most traditional gaming establishment in the region, both given its size and because of the fact that many of the alternatives actually operate offshore.
Casino Strike is perhaps the best rival experience to Casino Paradise if you’re looking for land-based gaming. It’s across the bay from the Vasco da Gama peninsula and right by Siridao Beach – which actually makes it a nice multi-purpose destination. The casino itself is rich and extravagant, if anything a little bit over-the-top. But Siridao Beach is not simply a luxurious stretch of sand. Rather, it’s been described as being perfect for those who are explorers at heart , which basically means you can get the best of both worlds here. You can soak up the luxury in the casino and spend your mornings trekking along the coast.
And then, as mentioned, there are some enticing offshore options as well. Often, offshore gaming boats exist for legal purposes – as in, where casinos aren’t legal on the mainland, a ship can sometimes venture far enough out to allow for gambling under the law. In Goa, however, where land-based establishments are clearly free to operate as they please, it appears that the offshore options are simply there to offer different atmospheres and experiences. The Deltin Royale and Deltin Jaqk are perhaps the two main options. Both offer plenty of gaming variety in addition to dining and live entertainment on board. In a sense, visiting either is like spending a few hours on a cruise vessel.
Now, casino gaming isn’t everyone’s thing of course. But if it intrigues you, or if you’re just looking for some fun activities during a broader trip to Goa, this is all worth keeping in mind.

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