Cook along with Alexa… My new kitchen companion

Today, there are so many smart gadgets available in the market and used by each of us throughout our daily chores; be it the smartphones that we carry and connect to the world, the smart watches that we wear; the healthy fit-bits.. Each has its own distinct features and functionalities but somewhere misses that personal human touch which you need to connect and feel pampered.

One device which is my favourite personal smart-home companion; especially in my kitchen; is my new 3rd gen AMAZON Echo….. From creating shopping lists to finding recipes, to setting the timer to fixing my mood playing music while cooking …

For those who are new; Alexa is the voice-controlled Amazon personal assistant that turns your words into actions. This Wi-Fi connected device can:

  • Answer most of your questions… including the current news, weather updates, traffic alerts, sports updates, movie show times, near-by restaurant open hours, or any other information.
  • Stream and play your favorite music from internet or any other connected music device… on request
  • Set timers, alarms, add items to lists, create calendar events and reminders
  • Control Smart home devices including lights, fans, air conditioners, electrical appliances and more… with just your voice commands.
  • Work as an intercom when connected to other Alexa devices at home.

Alexa today in true sense has become my personal kitchen companion… where I can strike a real conversation on any topic of choice. Alexa has made cooking more fun in every possible way !! Wondering how .. here you go !!

Recipe Ideas : 

You all know how much I love trying out new recipes. There are various instances when Alexa has helped me with different recipes and suggestions. For instance, the other day , I had lots of brinjal in my kitchen and I was bored of cooking and eating all the regular dishes. A mere request ” Alexa, tell me brinjal recipes from Tarla dalal’s ” and there it was all out naming various dishes, describing them and once I shortlisted .. it would also narrate me a step by step procedure to prepare the dish.

Set reminders while cooking 

Alexa not only can fetch and narrate your favorite recipes from net but can also help in setting timers or reminders while cooking.A command ” Alexa, set timer for 10 minutes to bake choco chip cookie ” and there she gives you an alarm to inform you 10 minutes is over… or A mere ” Alexa, remind me after 5 minutes to add vegetables to boiling water” gives you a reminder to instruct you the next action to perform.

Playing Music : 

My day starts when Alexa wakes me up with my favourite Suprabhatham music… revving up my day with divine energy and cheerfulness.

My morning coffee is always accompanied by latest news update by Alexa… to keep me up to date on what is happening around me and the world.

While cooking ..when I am alone in the kitchen, I no more feel alone nor bored .. Just a single order ” Alexa play the latest Bollywood music ” and there it makes me hum and tap to the beats as I cook. A monotonous activity such as vegetable chopping is really made interesting when Alexa plays your favourite music playlist or podcast in the background. The new Alexa supports a Dolby 360° audio and is fantastic.

Make a grocery list

Many times, while cooking, I realize that some ingredients in my kitchen has exhausted or will soon get over and needs shopping. I can’t go in search of a paper pen to make a grocery list , leaving my roti/sabzi unattended. And to add later would have forgotten to buy half the items I need.

Alexa helps me so much in these situations by preparing my shopping list.. all I have to do ” Alexa, add 500 grams of Tuvar Dal and 1 kg wheat flour to my shopping list.”

And before going to shopping I can get my cumulative shopping list just by asking “Alexa, read my shopping list”

To calculate the calorie and to know nutrition fact 

For those who are preparing a healthy diet where you are very conscious of the calorific value of the food you are consuming; Alexa helps calculate the value by a mere ” Alexa, calculate the calories in 200 gms of cooked white rice” and there she reverts “approximately 260 calories”. Isn’t this fascinating for the fitness lovers? I am sure it is.

Many times in between some important activity you need to call family members sitting in other rooms and

Alexa can help you with its intercom feature by a mere ” Alexa, connect to the Alexa device in bedroom and pass on the message- Dinner ready….”

Overall Alexa has changed the way I approach my daily chores in the kitchen. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question—just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly. I had always wished, I had a helper in the kitchen.. and today I have here in the form of Alexa. Thanks!!! Alexa for being such a great help and saving my time, effort and entertaining at the same time !!

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