Since my 1 st recipe was from turmeric leaf , i thought let me know in depth and share with you all…

Why turmeric is an essential spice in Indian cooking ? What are its benefits?

In India, turmeric is considered as sacred spice.Its commonly known as “haldi” as it imparts yellow color .Its a must and should in almost all Indian cooking.Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron and can i say it is poor mans saffron,as probably it is one of least expensive spices and all that is needed for the cuisine is a pinch or two.

Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent,packed with anti-inflammatory properties, natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent.It also acts to improve intestinal flora and numerous studies have shown its superior ability to prevent and fight cancers and diseases.Our ancestors were very clever,so they made turmeric as an essential spice.

Ill not go too scientific as what is its biological  name, where it is grown etc etc.For all those,Wikipedia is there na and you can see that here .

I know ,there are so so many benefits of turmeric listed in various sites ,but ill just share here few home remedies from turmeric which i /my relatives/ my friends are following…

Turmeric for Wounds : Have a cut and not able to find band-aid? Just wash the wound thoroughly. Mix the turmeric with a drop of water to make a thick paste and apply over the wound and let it stay. If your wound is slightly bleeding, you can put dry turmeric powder on the wound and let it clot the blood.This was something my granny used to do when i had a cut.

  • Turmeric milk for cold and sore throat : When i was a kid, i hated cough syrup.And my mom used to prepare this whenever i had a sore throat. I love this so much that,i used to pretend as having sore throat ,even after getting cured, just to have haldiwala doodh. Even now, i have it sometimes as “masala milk ” ,whether sick or not.How to prepare “magical tasty medicine” aka haldiwala doodh / turmeric milk ? >> Take 1 glass of  milk ,abt 1 tspn turmeric,4-5 crushed pepper. Heat the milk along with the spices for about 2-3 mins.Add honey.And drink when it is hot, swirling in between.Ideally you are supposed to have this before sleep.
  • Turmeric as beauty aid : We all have seen Vicco turmeric ad in which the cream is shown as a magical wand for flawless skin, for burns,cuts, marks etc.Turmeric is one of the best cosmetic for the skin care.It helps in lightening the skin tone by reducing the sun tan,pigmentation ,blemishes,scars.It also removes acnes,pimples and unwanted hair on the skin and imparts glow to the skin. Kasturi turmeric is the kind used for body application.
  • Haldi ceremony in wedding :One of the most important ceremonies of Indian weddings is the haldi ceremony where turmeric mixed to milk or oil is applied to the bride and the groom to make their skin glowing for the wedding.Though now we have personalized bridal facials,makeovers etc… we still follow this ritual, why ? May be to get maximum glow for the “D” day.. after all we all want to look special on that day.. Isn’t it ?
  • Turmeric in facepack: This is a simple facepack, which you can easily do at home. This mask helps in reducing blemishes,pimple marks ,ageing signs,sun tan and imparts glow and also moisturizes the skin, when practiced for few days. This is how the pack is made >>Gram flour – 2-3 tbsp,Turmeric – 1/4-1/2 tsp,Curd to form a paste. Take besan (gram flour) and turmeric powder and prepare a paste by adding curd.Apply it evenly on your face and leave till it dries off. Wash it off with lukewarm water .You may alternatively add just turmeric to raw milk/cream if you have a dry skin. and scrub your face gently in circular motion.Leave it for 10-15 mins,wash it off with lukewarm water
  • Tired of Acne?: This is for all those who are fed up of repeated outburst of pimples and the marks it leaves behind.Im sure ,this is really cheaper and effective when compared to all those no marks and acne creams available in the market.

Mix turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Form a paste by adding water .Dab the mixture on your face.Leave it for 10 mins approx. Wash it off with plain water.If you want you can just apply this paste only to the pimple affected area or on the scars. Follow this procedure for few days, and you will notice that marks are fading.

  • Turmeric in massage oil :We use this massage oil before bath for the new born babies at least for the initial 20 days. Later on you can switch  to any other store brought oil,if you wish. It removes unwanted fine hair on the babies and also wards of skin ailments.

Prepare a massage oil by adding turmeric powder,tulasi leaves to coconut oil.Heat it and let it cool.Warm the oil before using for massage.This oil when applied regularly also helps in reducing the stretch mark during pregnancy. Also,use this oil when you have some skin rashes. It helps in quick healing of the rashes.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you of just how amazing turmeric really is!!

Thanks for reading the post….plz drop ur valuable comments.. it really motivates me…Also If you liked this post, I would really love it if you could share it …Thank you !!

Love ~Smitha

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    in Indonesia, almost all of our food contain turmeric in its recipes, but the most lovely part of this herbal is when we make it as potion that we call it as Jamu.

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