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kotte kadubu

Kotte kadubu recipe with step by step photos | How to do kotte kadubu

kotte kadubu

Though kotte kadubu is very common in coastal Karnataka .. it still tops the list of special breakfast dishes.. and one of a must during Ganesha Chaturthi . Served with a spicy coconut chutney / sambar / majjige huli …. they just taste amazing .. i actually love even with coconut oil and mango pickle .. yumm.. deadly combo !! You must try it for sure to know what i mean !!

As guessed right .. this is a traditional age old recipe is passed from one generation to other by our ancestors . I am feeling happy to post it here. I am sure our next generation wouldn’t be knowing at least half of our traditional recipes.This is my attempt to capture all such recipes at one place before they are lost . If not making , at least  they can see that once upon a time our ancestors used to make these dishes at home just like we see grinding stone now . Haha .. true isn’t it ?

In coastal Karnataka one can find different type of kadubu like Oli kadubu , moode kadubu , manjal kadubu , Pelakayida kadubu etc .. based on the type of leaf they are wrapped in .Now  a days we get kotte kadubu in few restaurants in Bangalore but still they never taste the same as homemade .

Now a days we get ready leaf moulds ( kotte ) too .. which saves lot of time . Its actually an art and test of patience to make these moulds out of Jackfruit leaf ( Kotte ) .. but the end result is worth it .

Few points to note while making Kotte Kadubu : 

  • Before pouring the idli batter make sure there are no holes in the mould and it’s not leaking.
  • Don’t make batter too thin . else it will spill out while filling the leafy moulds .
  • While pouring the batter into kotte ,  fill it only up to 3/4th …. kadubu will rise further while it cooks.
  • Make kotte ( moulds ) before hand to save time.

Do give a try to know what i mean .. here you go …

You can also check Jackfruit kadubu , thatte idli etc …

kotte kadubu


Smitha Kalluraya
Tasty and unique coastal Karnataka variety Idli , made in a special Jackfruit leaf mould
Course Breakfast
Cuisine karnataka


  • 1 cup Black Gram /split Urad Dal
  • 2 cup Idli Rava / Rice Rava
  • Salt to taste
  • few jackfruit leaves
  • few coconut tree leaf sticks , to prick jackfruit leaves and make moulds


To make kadubu batter

  • Soak urad dal with sufficient amount of water for around 2 hours .Drain the water from the soaked dal and transfer it into a grinder / mixer . Add little drained water kept aside and grind urad dal to a smooth paste . Add drained water in steps and continue grinding urad dal until it froths up and increases in quantity.
  • Wash the idli rava and drain out all the water; Add rava to the urad batter and grind for another 3-4 mins until it blends well with the batter .
  • Transfer the ground batter to a big vessel , add salt , mix well and keep aside for fermentation . let it ferment for 10-12 hours .
  • In the morning , you will see that idli batter would have raised and fermented well . Kadubu batter is ready .

how to make kotte / jackfruit leafs Cup

  • Pick semi tender big jackfruit leaves . If its too dry , the leaves will break while folding and pricking .Hence pick only semi tender ones . Wash it nicely , wipe it and keep aside .
  • Take 4 equal jackfruit leaves.Hold and pin 2 leaves together with the help of the coconut leaf sticks as shown in pic .
  • Place another 2 leaves on the pinned leaves such that all the tips are facing each other (ref pic )
  • Pin all the leaves together .
  • Now bend 2 leaves upwards , fold them in "L" shape and pin them together along the edges till the tip of the leaves .
  • Similarly take the 3rd leaf , fold and pin together along the edges till the tip of the leaves .
  • Repeat the same with the 4th leaf too .
  • Our kotte or jackfruit leaf cups / moulds are ready . Ensure that they are properly pricked along the edges and there are no holes .. else the batter will spill out when we pour inside the kotte
  • Keep aside kotte till they are ready to use

Time to make kotte Kadubu

  • Mix the batter slightly. if required add water but take care that it should not be too thin . Meanwhile prepare a steamer
  • Pour the batter in the prepared kotte .cover with a lid and steam the idlis.
  • In case you feel making kotte is too time consuming but want to enjoy the fragrance of jackfruit leaves in the kadubu .. you can just place 4 leaves inside a tumbler and do kadubu. If you don't have jackfruit leaves .. you can still do kadubu by just filling the batter into a greased tumbler
  • Place the filled kotte inside a steamer / pressure cooker ( don't use weight) . Take care that the kotte kadubu stays upright while steaming .Steam cook for 20-25 mins on a medium flame till they are cooked . When a tooth [rick is pricked .. it should come out clean .
  • Take out the kotte kadubu from the steamer and allow to cool for 4-5 mins . Slowly remove the sticks and peel out the leaf .
  • Serve hot kotte kadubu along with chutney / sambar / majjige huli etc
    kotte kadubu

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