philips air fryer

In this era where health is the new mantra and the wellness industry is thriving… with many new products on the block wooing the customers to be more health consciousness, enthusiasts are always in a dilemma of what to choose and what not, in a pursuit to have a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy & fit isn’t a fad or a trend .. instead , it’s a lifestyle . The food we eat can effect our health and risk for certain diseases .. so it’s very essential to eat healthy . Healthy food need not actually be boring food . Making small small changes to our regular cooking methods .. one can convert even the so called “junk food ” to healthy and feast on them . That’s exactly what ” Philips Air fryer ” does . It offers a healthier alternative to deep frying , using 80 % less fat to cook food .  Yes … like most of us .. i love eating deep fried pakodas and samosas … but those indulgence is meant for special days .. i would anytime prefer picking healthy treats which i can actually enjoy without worrying much about my weighing scale nor my health ….

philips air fryer


About Philips :

I am sure Philips requires no introduction from me . Since 1891 , the brand has been constantly working to make the world healthier and more sustainable through their innovative products . Air fryer is their newest technological innovation on the way we cook and prepare food in the kitchen .I had won Philips Air fryer in one of the contests at Archana’s Kitchen sometime last year. To be honest , when i first read about its principle .. I was like ” WHAT !! ??? FRY IN AIR ?? … REALLY ??? HOW ?? ”  … i had n number of questions running in my mind and was really doubtful about the end result . With lot of skepticism running in my mind i thought of ” air frying ” the trademark dish french fries using Philips air fryer . And next few minutes i was just like a kid waiting for the result .. and “TINNNNGG ” when the knob stopped and out came the fries … Hmmm.. believe me they were so perfect. Crisp from outside and little soft from inside . I just couldn’t believe , with absolutely zero oil .. fries turned out to be healthy !!!!

Since then i am extensively using Philips Air fryer in my cooking .Recently when i again received ” Philips Viva Air fryer ” and to share my feedback here .. i was excited to do it as i am one happy customer of the  innovative gadget . 🙂

If you ask me why i like Phlips Viva Air fryer .. here are a few points which really impressed me ….

  • Tasty Food in less time : Philips Viva Air fryer doesn’t need any pre heating and is ready to use immediately . Whole cooking process turns out to be very economical and tasty food is ready in very less time .

philips air fryer

  • Fry food with little or no oil : The secret behind turbo star , low fat Philips Air fryer is ” rapid air technology ” , which enables the machine to fry with air , resulting in a perfectly cooked food with amazing texture . TurboStar technology, exposes all food to constantly circulating heat and cooks food uniformly .

philips air fryer

  • Multi purpose Air fryer : Yes .. i don’t use my Philips Air fryer just to fry fries . We can fry , bake , grill and roast our favorite foods at home using Philips Air fryer . It comes with a really handy cook book and there is a great app with a great collection of recipes .

bhindi kurkuri

  • Easy to Operate : Its adjustable time and temperature control is very easy to use . Just place your food inside the basket , shut the drawer and adjust time & temperature … you are all set .We can just forget it and continue with some other work ..tension free . When the set time is over the auto – off function reminds us by a “Tingggg” sound to check the food kept inside the air fryer . And unlike ovens.. its body or handle doesn’t get heated . So even children can operate it easily . We can check the status of our food any time during the cooking progress just by sliding the drawer out .

philips air fryer

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning process : Cleaning of Philips air fryer is really easy . Once the cooking is done .. if we don’t have much mess .. we can just wipe the basket and the bottom nonstick chamber with a tissue or damp kitchen towel . If there is some spillage or dripping .. one can easily wash the frying basket and the drawer like any other utensil . The detachable parts are dishwasher safe .

philips air fryer

  • Complements aesthetics of a modern kitchen : I really like how elegant an fryer looks . Its actually not too huge when compared to an oven The new Air fryer has been designed with compactness in mind (20% smaller) while still enabling to cook large amount of food (800 gr). With its reduced size it blends in perfectly onto the kitchen counter-top and serves delicious meals for the whole family. Sitting on the counter top it always reminds of us healthy lifestyle .

Seeing the advantages, you may now ask me… are there no flip sides to this wonderful gadget ? I actually didn’t figure anything actually .. but may be pricing . Most of us don’t want to experiment and believe in age old cooking techniques . Added to that .. the pricing of Philips Viva Air fryer might hold a section of people to try . But well .. people who really value health and have realized the amazing benefits using Philips Air fryer.. wouldn’t mind investing few bugs on an Air fryer as it is any day better than shelling 1000s of rupees on medical bills .

Conclusion :

Overall ,I really feel Philips Viva Air fryer is a great addition to my  kitchen and would definitely recommend as one of must kitchen gadget to lead a healthy lifestyle . After some trial and trial error .. you will get a hang of the timing & temperature setting for each dish . Eat better .. feel better .. stop letting food be your boss !!!!

philips air fryer

Now let’s see how to make our favorite potato chips in Air fryer . With just 1-2 tsp of oil smeared .. crispy crunchy Air fryed potato chips is ready to munch . No fear of indulging junk nor the fear of weight gain .. and taste wise no compromise . They taste just like deep fried ones . You too try these air fryed potato chips and enjoy !!!

air fried potato chips

Ingredients :

1/2 kg – Potato ( if you want you can replace with sweet potatoes )

1-2 tsp Oil

Salt to taste

Chilli powder to taste

Method :

  • Clean and wash potatoes nicely .
  • Slice them thin using a slicer
  • Transfer them to a mixing bowl . Add 1-2 tsp of oil , salt and chilli powder .
  • Mix everything well .
  • Arrange slices into air fryer basket . First keep 180 c for 5 mins . Later remove the basket and toss once and keep for another 10 mins at 160 c. Check if its crisp and done . If yes , remove them from the air fryer basket .. else continue for another 2-3 mins .
  • Enjoy guilt free potato chips with a cup of tea .

air fried potato chips

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