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In India and probably across the world, the mixer grinder is one of the most important household kitchen appliances that’s extensively used. Be it for grinding to make crispy Dosas, delicious chutney and sambar…, Or for making fruit juices, milk shakes, lassi… For making dry masala powders out of the spices or even churning butter out of curd, the mixer grinder plays a very important role in the Indian households. And if you have additional feature of  food processor and juicer along with the Mixer Grinder like Preethi Zodiac ..then kitchen chores becomes a breezy walkover !! Having been using Preethi Zodiac from quiet some time .. i can say it’s not just Mixer – Grinder .. but a complete one stop solution for all our kitchen needs .. perfect for a modern kitchen !!


As I talk about the importance of the mixer grinder in Indian kitchens, it is a daunting task to select the optimum gadjet that suits your budget, the kitchen space, as well as your day to day kitchen requirements from the plenty of brands available in the market. Today in this article I am going to review one such innovative Multi purpose mixer grinder – Preethi Zodiac – A mixer grinder that can chop , grate & slice in seconds , knead atta in a minute and juice fruits in no time  !!! Isn’t that amazing !!!!  I have added a video .. which shows it all …

About Preethi :

I am sure Preethi requires no introduction from me as it has been over the years the household brand name in India and pioneer in the kitchen appliance and utilities . Started in 1978 , Preethi is now  India’s largest mixer grinder brand and a leading kitchen appliances company ..with its presence in over 10 million households across India and abroad.

If you ask me some highlight features of Preethi Zodiac, here they are:

  • VEGA W5 MOTOR – Preethi has used Vega W5 motor of 750 watts of power. It’s in fact one of the best 750 W motor mixer grinder in India . The high power super efficient motor accomplishes all the tasks in no time . Be it for making grinding Dosa  or making dry sambar masalas, or chopping toughest of veggies or meat .. the powerful motor is ready for the task without getting heated up.

Can you believe .. the hard turmeric root can be blended in just 2 mins using Preethi Zodiac Mixer ?? I was literally shocked seeing that in the demo and was afraid that blades might get  damaged .. but the end result was super smooth perfectly blended haldi powder in no time !!! Making my kitchen essentials masala powders or grinding my dosa / idli batter for a week gets over now in no time now using Preethi Zodiac .

horse gram chutney powder

  • 3 IN 1 INSTA FRESH FRUIT JUICER – I believe packaged tetra packs juices are never healthy and tasty when compared to the freshly prepared juices at home using fresh fruits and vegetables.

You might ask now…preparing fresh juice at home !!! … Is it not cumbersome? Traditionally I remember those childhood days when my mom used to spend hours to peel, chop, cut, blend and sieve fruits/ vegetables to prepare a couple of glasses of fresh juice for us. The process was not only tedious but a lot was wasted in the process. Now a days there are many juicers available in the market to make our job easy . But what about the space it occupies ? In the current tiny weeny modular kitchen one can’t afford multiple gadgets for each and everything . The multi tasking Preethi Zodiac is a perfect solution for the current scenario . It comes with a 3 in 1 Insta fresh fruit juicer which actually extracts upto 20 % more juice . The extracted juice tastes better and fresh and the best part is no filtering or sieving process later. Just enjoy your fresh tasty glass of healthy juice…

  • MASTER CHEF + JAR / FOOD PROCESSOR – I am in love with this Jar !!! I can say this jar has become my left hand in the kitchen .. be it for kneading atta / chopping / grating / mincing anything… within a fraction of time .. all done and so much precision !! If you are a person like me who loves salad but hates prep work .. food processor is THE gadget for you .

Veg salad wrap recipe

But well again .. given the space constraint one can’t afford multiple gadgets and so i was always holding myself back from buying one . But Preethi Zodiac came as the best solution and i am extensively using it for anything and everything . For making cake batter , cookies dough , chapathi dough ( chapathi comes out really good as the dough is well kneaded ), chopping / grating / slicing / slicing veggies etc .Apart from the multiple blades for various functions , there is also a citrus press that extracts fresh citrus juice in no time . The whole cleaning process of the marterchef Jar is also quiet easy .

  • FASTER MOTOR COOLING – Inspite of  a heavy motor The faster motor cooling technique takes care that the heavy motor doesn’t get heated up  . This helps in retaining the flavor , color , nutrients of the food intact . And also the noise level while operating the appliance is very low .
  • WARRANTY & SERVICE – Preethi Zodiac comes with 5 year motor warranty , 2 year product guarantee and LIFELONG FREE SERVICE !!!

Seeing the advantages, you may now ask me… are there no flipsides to this wonder Multi task gadget ?I actually didn’t figure anything .. but yes may be they could have added a coconut grater and a dicer blade with the masterchef Jar .

Conclusion : 

Overall , I must say I am really liking using Preethi Zodiac and definitely would recommend as one of the best mixer grinder for any kitchen.. !!If you ask me to summarize the appliance  in one sentence .. i would say ” PREETHI ZODIAC – IS NOT JUST MIXER – GRINDER …BUT  A ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR ALL KITCHEN NEEDS !! ” ….

Now lets see .. how i did Cheesy Veggie Salad Wrap using this Preethi Zodiac ….

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    March 12, 2018 at 7:51 am

    How do you churn the butter from the curd. I have zodiac , but wondering which jar to use. I believe all jars will grind and not churn.

    • Reply
      Smitha Kalluraya
      March 14, 2018 at 2:22 pm

      for churning butter use food processor jar

      • Reply
        March 14, 2022 at 9:39 am

        Which blade is used to churn butter in processor jar

  • Reply
    June 7, 2018 at 3:29 pm


    Can I scrap the dry coconut and coconut as well in the PREETHI ZODIAC. Please reply I want to buy this product.

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