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 Today i have a very traditional recipe .. that has always been my favorite ” Puffed Rice Laddu / Murmura Ladoo ” aka Puri unde as popularly known in  Kannada . Crunchy , crispy and mildly sweet they taste amazing even as a snack . The best part is they don’t have any ghee in it  . Though i never had a sweet tooth … as a kid i always loved these Puri unde that used come in goodie bags as takeaways during weddings , baby shower , thread ceremony and many  other functions in Karnataka . In Tamilnadu they are commonly made during Karthikai deepam . Today being Tulasi Pooja .. i thought of sharing these Puffed rice laddu with you all .. Hope you enjoy the virtual treat 🙂 ….


Making puffed rice laddu at home is actually not that difficult . Agree for a beginner it may look very tricky .. but with some precision .. anybody can nail it !! I too had a misconception that making huge puffed rice laddu at home is difficult and hence had never attempted for many years . And finally when i pushed myself to try out.. i realised how simple the recipe was . However , the key to their success is in making the jaggery syrup correctly. Also after the syrup is mixed into the puffed rice mix .. one has to be really quick in shaping laddus . If the mixture cools down completely, you wont be able to make the balls . The best part is these ladoos are ghee-less which might be a great news for weight watchers ! You too give a try and enjoy ….Do remember FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A FIRST TIME !!!



Smitha Kalluraya
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian


  • 2 Cup Puffed Rice / Murmura / Puri
  • 1-1 1/4 cup Jaggery
  • 1/2 Cup Peanuts, roasted , deskinned and halved
  • 3-4 tbsp chutney dal / Fried gram / hurikadle
  • 3 tsp White sesame / White til
  • 3-4 tbsp dry cococonut / kopra, Cut to thin slices
  • 4-5 tbsp Water


  • Dry roast peanuts. Cool , de skin and break into halves .
  • Dry roast sesame seeds till it splutters .
  • Ono low flame .. dry roast puffed rice for about 4-5 minutes so that they become more crunchy .
  • In a mixing bowl , mix ... puffed rice , roasted peanuts, dry coconut pieces, and fried gram ..keep it aside. Don't add sesame seeds now .. we will add it in the end.
  • Take a thick bottom pan or kadai . Add jaggery to it along with 4 to 5 TBSP water . Place it on medium flame .Let the jaggery melt completely. Using a clean cloth or strainer .. strin the jaggery syrup to remove any impurities .
  • Place the jaggerry syrup back to flame and bring it to boil. Keep stirring on low flame until the syrup is thick and sticky. This syrup should be thick thread - like consistency ie when we you take a pinch of syrup between your thumb and forefinger, pull them apart .. check strand should be formed. You can also check by adding a drop of syrup into a bowl of water. The syrup should not dissolve.
  • Once the syrup reaches this consistency, turn off the stove and pour it onto the puffed rice mix.
  • Add sesame seeds and quickly mix so that jaggery syrup and puffed rice mix gets coated nicely . From this process .. you must start moving your hands really quick to make decent enough laddus .
  • Once it is little warm , rub your hands with rice flour and start making laddus . Take a handful of mix and press tightly between your palms . As said before be quick and finish making the laddus as soon as possible before the mix cools . Once it cools .. it will crumble and you won't be able to shape . I couldn't take pic at this stage as my hands were busy . Will soon share a video .
  • Puri unde ready to eat. Store it in a airtight container . Stays good for 2 to 3 weeks.
    puffed rice laddu


  • Use unsalted puffed rice . We normally use a special variety of puffed rice to make this called " avallakki puri " ( it will be more hollow , light ) . If you get that you can use else normal unsalted will do .
  • Don't reduce jaggery quantity .. else you won't be able to make laddus . Also don't add too much water while making jaggery syrup . Laddus will become soft .
  • If you are making a huge batch of laddus .. its advisable to divide into batches and make jaggery syrup separately for each batch , mix and make laddus .

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