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sabudana vada recipe
Today i have for you all one of the most famous snacks from Maharashtra , my family’s all time favorite ” Sabudana Vada / Sago Vada ” . Crispy crunchy from outside and soft and spongy from inside …. sabudana vada is quiet tempting and addictive.. one can hardly resist eating it just one . Hot hot sabudana vada dipped in green chutney … ooh.. drooling.. Yummy !!
step by step recipe for sabudana vada

Sabudana is rich in carbohydrates and hence dishes made from it such as Sabudana Kichdi , Sabudana Thalipeeth , Sabudana Kheer , Sabudana Vada etc are one of the hot favorites and common fasting recipes during Navaratri / other vrat . Sabudana vada is known as sago vada, sabakki vade ,sagubiyyam vadalu, javvarisi vadai across india . Making these sabudana vada is quiet easy .. but little tricky . If not properly done they might end up drinking too much oil / burst while frying . Addition of rajgeera flour/ amaranth flour makes the sabudana vada more tastier ( got this tip from here ) and cornflour makes it crisper . So please don’t skip them . So are you ready to see step by step recipe of sabudana vada .. Here you go…

sabudana vada recipe


Smitha Kalluraya
Sabudana vada also known as sago vada is one of the famous snacks in Maharashtra .
Cuisine maharashtrian
Servings 18 number


  • 1 cup Sabudana/ Sago /Sabakki, ( don't use small nylon sago )
  • 1 big potato
  • 1/4 cup Peanuts, roasted
  • 2 tsps Rajgeera flour / amaranth flour, ( optional but preferred )
  • 1 tsp cornflour, ( for crispiness )
  • 1/2 tsp White Sesame seeds / til
  • 1/2 tsp cumin seed jeera, /
  • 2 - 4 Green Chillies, finely chopped ( or as per your spice level )
  • Coriander leaves, finely chopped
  • to taste Lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp Sugar, .
  • to taste Salt


  • Wash sago in water 2-3 times so that water runs clear and soak it overnight or 4-5 hrs with water just enough to immerse the sago. I usually make vada in the evening and hence soak them morning .
  • After the soaking time is over, you will see that all water should have got absorbed by the sago and it will be soft and fluffy. If any water is left , drain sabudana well .The pearls should remain separate when you take some in your hands and you should be able to press it with your finger tips .
  • sago, sabakki
  • Meanwhile dry roast the peanuts in a pan or microwave. Let they become crisp.If you want deskin it once cool. I sometimes skip this step if running out of time.
  • Coarsely powder the peanuts .
  • Peel and mash /grate boiled potatoes .
  • Now transfer all the ingredients into a big mixing bowl . ie take sabudana , mashed potatoes , peanut powder , rajgira powder , corn flour , sesame seeds , cumin seeds ,finely chopped green chilli , chopped coriander leaves ,salt , sugar and lemon juice .
    how to make sabakki vada
  • Mix everything properly, ensure that the potatoes are properly crushed. Taste test .
  • Take a kadai and keep oil to heating .
  • Make ping pong sized small small balls out of sabudana vada mix .
    make sabudana vada
  • Flatten it between your hands and smoothen the edges . Don't make sabudan vadas too flat and thin .
    how to make sabudana vada recipe
  • Once the oil is hot , deep fry the vadas on medium flame till they are golden brown in color . If you want to make your vadas healthy .. you can skip deep frying and instead shallow fry them in appe pan / bake them in an oven .
  • sago vada
  • Drain the sabudana vadas on a tissue paper .
    make sabudana vada
  • Serve hot sabudana vadas with green chutney or tomato kethcup .
    sabudana vada recipe


  • Washing the sabudana well before soaking till you get clear water is very important step. This will help in removing excess starchy content .
  • Do not soak sabudana in excess water . Water level should be just little above the sabudana . Soaking in excess water will make mushy sabudana and in turn our vada will become mushy .
  • Do not proceed to make vadas without draining water . Even if sago has absorbed all water .. it is advisable to spread it on cloth or kitchen towel to remove excess moisture . This will make our vadas more crispy and absorb less oil .
  • If you are in a hurry, you can soak sabudana in warm water for 2-3 hours and proceed to use them.Use warm water only not hot water.
  • Don't cook vadas on high flame .. else they end up becoming brown quickly and inside wont be cooked . On the other hand , if you cook in low fame they will drink lot of oil . So proper oil temperature is crucial . It should be medium .
  • If not doing for fasting you can add onion or choice of veggies. However in the authentic version it is not added .

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    Sabudana vada looks superb, Delicious and perfect for the occasion of Navratri.. Nice presentation…

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    sumayya mirza
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    Vada looks very perfect. While I making vada it always burst in oil. But I’m going to try again.thanks for ur recipe.

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    Perfect accompaniment for a steaming cup of chai!

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    Wow, vada looks so nice. Thanks for sharing.

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    pankaj karnwal
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    this is nice article.

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    It is so nice, for 30 vadas how much quantity I should use, pls reply

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