Things you should know about kids Dental Health

Ever had that problem with your kids when they do not want to brush their teeth or even hold their toothbrush? Even with the promise of their favorite candy, kids will always have their phase of fearing the dentist or hating the toothbrush. But we all know the importance of keeping our pearly whites clean and healthy. We know how to prevent those pesky cavities, but we don’t always know the right or best ways to do so. Read on and you may pick up a few points on what you should know about your kids’ dental health.

  •  How early should brushing begin?

According to a Blackburn Dentist based in Australia, proper dental care and hygiene must begin even before your baby’s first tooth shows. Well, the saying, “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.” applies to teeth. Teeth actually begin to form during the mommy’s second trimester of pregnancy.  During birth, babies have 20 primary or baby teeth, some of which are already fully developed in their jaws.

Here are a few tips on how to care for those cute little biters:

  •    Make cleaning their gums a habit. Use a clean and moist washcloth over the gums to remove harmful bacteria that may come in contact with their mouth when they bite their toys or suck on their tiny, chunky fingers.
  •    Once, you see teeth growing, you may start using infant toothbrush.


  •  When should your kids meet their dentist?

One of your go-to places, when your child hits one, is to the dentist. During this time, your dentist can teach you and your child the proper ways of brushing and taking care of the teeth. Choose a dentist who specializes in kids.  Visits as early as their toddler years help lessen their fear and create a bond between them. They can see their dentists as their friends and someone who is not out to hurt them by poking their mouths and making them gargle minty water.

  •  How do you prevent cavities from building up?

When milk and food are not washed away properly, the cavity starts to build up.  To prevent cavities from forming, here are a few tips:

  • Brush teeth at least two times a day using a fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly. Make this an enjoyable routine for your kids so they will look forward to brushing their teeth.
  • Fluoride hardens the enamel of the teeth making it harder for the cavities to penetrate. However, fluoride also causes tooth discoloration, so it is best to consult with your dentist before making your child use the toothpaste.
  • Sweets especially those sticky and gummy ones can cause cavities and erode the teeth’s enamel.  If you let your kids eat and enjoy these sweet goodies, make sure to wash away the sweetness with plenty of water and if possible brush teeth right away.  Healthy gums and baby teeth will give a better chance of having healthy permanent teeth in the future.


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