Why More Restaurants are joining uber eats in 2019

Why More Restaurants are joining uber eats in 2019


UberEats began about three years ago as an experiment in Los Angeles. By then, the service was called UberFresh and differed from other delivery apps. UberFresh was part of the Uber app and offered a selection of only five items per day. After the success of the experiment, Uber decided to increase its services and use a more traditional method. Uber realized that people preferred speedy delivery of their food. The app grew and spread to over 50,000 restaurants within America. Currently, Uber has and continues to build trust with several restaurants around the world. Here are some reasons why more restaurants are joining Uber eats in 2019.

  • Completion. Uber eats is already in a heated market space. On-demand food delivery is among the most oversaturated areas in the consumer world. Since there are other companies such as Yelp’s Eat24 and Postmates, Uber has to go the extra mile to secure its market share. However, Uber has a marketing advantage over other companies due to its ride-sharing app. As such, most restaurants prefer UberEats due to its flexibility and speed in delivering on-demand food. UberEats understands that the market space is tight. As a result, it has worked out clear differentiator from its competitors.
  • Customers Prefer to Dine Out. Restaurateurs are lucky because people still prefer to dine out. Several factors support this point. For instance, you cannot recreate the dining experience by ordering in or cooking a meal at home. Consumers are always keen to remember the things that set aside the restaurant experience. With the increase in popularity of apps such as UberEats, restaurateurs have to attract customers with what they do best.
  • UberEats have a Specific Demographic. Not everybody will queue to order food. Uber works well among the working class. Uber is also popular among millennials. UberEats has recognized these factors and they are using them to their advantage. Now that they know who may be ordering, Uber is filling this gap by catering for those in need. Uber keeps its customers engaged through special hours, and creating high value with low-cost options. Millennials are a dynamic group and do not align with any brand. As such, head-to-head competition is an option. All you need to do is to showcase special events and offer wine and beer since this is where millennials can shine through social media and email marketing.
  • UberEats works for you. Every business owner wants a platform that is easy to deal with and can bring profits. The UberEats website allows you to submit a request for partnership information. Restaurants that focus on fast-casual dining or are looking to improve their takeout sales, a partnership with UberEats would make sense. Since there is a small number of restaurants available to users on the platform, you will have a better chance of being noticed. A business owner can also save with these Uber eats promo codes.

Now that Uber has succeeded in ride-sharing, it is only a matter of time that they drive the food delivery world.


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