How Online Casinos Allow You to Experience Indian Culture Without Travelling

India is a massively popular location with tourists. In 2016 alone, 8.9 million foreign tourists visited the country which represented an increase of 11% compared to 2015. People from all around the globe flock to the Asian country to see sights such as the Taj Mahal, the Ganges river, the Amer Fort, and the Antara Gange mountain in Bangalore. With natural tourist hotspots and historical buildings, there’s a lot to enjoy about India.

But what if you don’t have time to spend a couple of weeks in the country, seeing what it has to offer? If you can’t get the time off work and you’re too busy to take a break, you can still experience Indian culture through the means of casino games and slots.

How Slots Incorporate Indian Culture

The beauty of slot games is that they are able to easily transport you to another place with their use of music, reel symbols, and animations. Better than flicking through a travel brochure, slots bring international cultures to life. Most of All Slots’ slots do this, including Lost Vegas which takes players to a version of Las Vegas infested with zombies and Jungle Jim which features a sweltering rainforest full of flora, fauna and a few spiders as well. In terms of Indian culture, the Mega Moolah slot does it best as it features several animals that you may come across should you journey to the country.

Some of these animals include lions, which can be found in India in the Gir forest as well as elephants which are an especially important part of India (and a reason why people are so fond of the country). Even bison are represented in the slot – with the Indian bison or gaur being the largest native bovine mammal in South Asia, you’ll feel just like you’re taking an Indian safari trip.

How Else Can Slots Use Indian Themes?

There’s lots more to India though and slot games have even more opportunities to represent the country’s rich and fascinating history as well as its interesting culture. India is well-known for its food, for example, and the way that it incorporates spices such as garam masala and turmeric would make for a mouth-watering and entertaining slot game. India is also known for its love of dance while the Bollywood film industry could also make for some brilliant movie tie-in slots.

There are plenty of ways in which slots can help players appreciate, celebrate and better understand Indian culture. The number of slot games that take inspiration from the beautiful country may grow but, right now, there’s enough on offer for you to postpone that trip.

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