In recent times, India has been seeing a rise in global food chains making its way into the country. Among them there are few Michelin starred restaurants too that are creating a buzz in the county. Yauatcha , is one such example.As many of you know,The Michelin Star is one of the most prestigious ranking systems for food establishments in the world. A few days back when i was invited to preview ” Yauatcha Bangalore “along with few other bloggers,I must admit i was so happy to receive the invite .This restaurant was in my visit list from almost a year,Michelin starred restaurant in Bangalore is something special, and shows how established Bangalore is becoming .


Yauatcha is a contemporary dim sum teahouse that opened in London in 2004.It received a Michelin star within a year of its opening . The restaurant’s name ” Yauatcha ” is actually the fusion of  “Yau-Alan” – Yau – name of the creator of the restaurant & “Cha” -tea in Chinese. Yauatcha entered India in 2011 and with massive popularity received ,it has now branches in Delhi and Bangalore.“A modern interpretation of the old Chinese tea house” ,. Yuatcha serves the Cantonese version of Chinese .


I had been hearing so much about this restaurant and was excited that finally i made it last sunday for lunch.I spent a quality time well balanced between catching up and eating good food.


Location is no stress. Its located in the heart of the city MG Road, in the 5th Floor of 1 MG Mall,Bangalore. Parking is no issue as you have lot of parking space in the mall.


I was welcomed through the blue tinted glass doors of the restaurant.

Once i entered ,i noticed its a long well lit hall with fresh colored chairs. The ambiance was simple,casual,a modern interpretation of old Chinese tea house.The open kitchens,loud wok noises and big groups of people eating together are hallmarks of a dim sum house.All of these makes you feel very comfortable about the place.

It also has one private dining room seating about 10-15 persons with a warm wooden ceiling.

The bar counter was very impressive with huge collection of drinks well stocked as well displayed.Here too they have maintained Chinese community table touch as well as modern single tables.Its infact one of the longest bar in the city.


Sunday Brunch at Yauatcha is an elaborate affair, it is a 5 – Course set menu, which includes Salad, Soup, Dim Sums , Stir Fry, Rice and Noodles, Desserts along with Unlimited Beer and Cocktails. For weekdays,Yauatcha has an unlimited dim sum and four types of herbal tea offer called Yumcha. Can you believe there are 24 variety of Dim Sums at Yauatcha !!! They are divided into categories – steamed,baked,pan fried and fried.

We started our meal predictably with dimsums. When the first dim sum arrived, I was blown away. They were absolutely spectacular. Our dimsum marathon started with Truffeled Edamame Dumplings.Its one of the classic dimsums at Yauatcha.The dumplings were cooked to perfection, no sticky dough tearing and mucking up the edges of the chopstic.

The 3 sauces and pickle on the table to go with the dimsums added the extra zing.

To go along with dimsums, we were served a range of cocktails blended from the fresh fruits that was too good.

Then came the fried Turnip cake. OMG !! I could never imagine something from turnip could taste so yummy .It was crispy and soft ,topped with crunchy bits of fried garlic tasted amazing.

Then again started chain of dimsums both veg and non veg .Each one of them tasted different than the others and had distinct tastes, each looked so cute and photogenic.With each dimsum being served our excitation were increasing and we all just couldn’t hold back our temptation to click those beauties and empty them off.

Love the way they serve each dimsums. They are prepared after order and served as soon as they are ready.The fresh steaming hot dimsums land in your table and you are the one who opens and sees it.Yauatcha uses authentic ingredients and making their Dim sum taste fantastic.

After all the steamed dimsums, it was time for  few baked ,fried and pan fried dimsums.In this,vegetarians have mock chicken dimsums too. Yes you heard it right ,Veg chicken Puff made from soya nuggets.I liked it,though it was little sweet and filling.

Along with dimsums there was fresh brewing jasmine tea that was getting refilled each time our cup would get empty.

I was truly in food heaven , lost somewhere in the streets of China…tasting the best Chinese dishes that i had never tasted before.

We all  were already stuffed after eating so many varieties of Dimsum and next it was time for Main course. We took a brake before starting the main course. By this time whole restaurant was also filled up . It was good crowd.

We wanted to reserve some space for dessert so kept main course minimal.In the vegetarian we had stir fry vegetables with Lotus stem,Szechwan Mabo Tofu,Ho fan Noodles,Spicy Fried Rice and Mantao sweet Buns.In these stir fry vegetables was little bland for me when compared to other dishes and Tofu was OK .Loved Ho Fan Noodles, it was kind of a spicy flat noodles with sprouts.

Mantao buns were so pretty ,looked like a shell.Its a Chinese steamed bun with which the veg or non veg gravy was supposed to be eaten with. It was so soft fluffy ,slightly sweet and was lovely to eat even on its own.

Finally came the star of the meal – The Desserts !! One of the most well thought out,well put together, beautiful desserts I have ever tasted. The plate is a work of art and the creator deserves an award .Yauatcha had rightly claimed that their desserts were one of the most Instagrammed in Bangalore.

We were served Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse paired with vanilla ice cream,Mango Mascorpone Gateau with Litchi ice cream ,Raspberry Delice and Religieuse.And Wow !! each was such a beauty ,so yummy .. something to die for.

Last but not the least were the assorted macrons.Macarons were perfectly baked crunchy on the outside, and were filled with delightful flavors on the inside.Never crumpled, nor over sweet .

We enjoyed every component and savored every bite and combination. It was a glorious way to end the meal


  • Exclusive vegetarian menu, Good option for vegetarians. Few dishes can be altered as per Jain dishes if specified.
  • It serves really authentic chinese cuisines cooked to the perfection and served in an appetizing manner. The authentic taste of oriental cuisine was unique and something to crave for.There dimsum and dessert are top class.
  • Thoughtful ambiance.Retention of few Chinese tea house aspects like walls made of bricks,open buzzing kitchen,community table,blue glass etc.This blends perfectly with the modern look.
  • Whole kitchen top,stove, utensils etc made from surgical stainless steel.

  • Before ordering the food,you are given an allergy chart.If you are allergic to something and want to avoid that in your food, you can mention there. Then the dishes can be tweaked a bit based on your requirement.


Nothing much actually but just a feeling.The whole dining area hall is very open. It does not give much privacy . Probably there should be some region other than private room meant for couples/family with small baby.


If you are an oriental food lover, you love chinese food, do visit this restaurant soon..Most of the dishes are highly recommended, go ahead and try it, you will not regret the same.Few may feel pricing is little on the higher side and not affordable to all.But for the amazing culinary treat,varieties… its worth the money .I was very happy that I indulged myself, and have reserved this place for special occasions.


Yauatcha Bengaluru

Level 5, 1 MG Road Mall
MG Road

Bengaluru 560 008


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