Benefit from Cisco CCNP Certification: No College Degree Required. Get to Know How

If you are not satisfied with your current profession and would like to change the sphere you are working in now, relax! You’re certainly not alone. Many people are in such position, and with the cost of living getting so high, the competition for the few available job opportunities is higher like never before. What if I told you there’s actually a way out to build a successful career and enjoy the benefits you’ll certainly gain. Of course, if you have a passion for the sphere I’m taking about- IT.

The main thing you need to consider there is to possess a certification from a reputable company as Cisco for example. The certification testifies that you are equipped with the relevant skills required to complete the daily tasks at your working place. 

Cisco is a leader in networking and if that field appeals you, start from the most beginning. An entry-level certification is the one that helps you build a career in the networking platform for improved job prospects. Novice technicians have stridden this path to huge success in recent years. Would you like to be the next on the way to success? 

This article is dedicated to the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCNP) Routing and Switching  credential and the plentiful benefits it brings, but before, let’s see which certification this great vendor offers. So, let’s go.

An Overview of the Cisco Certifications

As you would expect from aby top IT certification vendor, Cisco offers various credentials starting with the baseline ones that are ideal for novice technicians to the expert level certifications issued for the experienced specialists. Here’s a quick overview of the Cisco certification ladder.

Entry Level Certifications

At the baseline level, marked by the entry-level certifications, you will find the CCNP and CCT certifications that act as the stepping stone towards establishing a career in the networking industry.

Associate Level Certifications

From their name, the Associate level credentials can be viewed as the basis of networking accreditation. Depending on your career goals and personal interests, you can either follow the CCNA path designed for network installation, troubleshooting, and operations or the CCDA for network design.

Professional Level Certifications

CCNP credentials are of higher level and depict more proficiency with networking skills. Diverse certifications are offered at this level with each of them covering a specific technology.

Expert Level Certifications

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certifications are globally recognized as the most valuable networking credentials in the IT sphere. Attaining one of them thus comes with several benefits such as an improved paycheck.

A Sneak Peek of the CCNP Certification

As you would assume, this certification equips the exam candidates with the vital skills you would expect a novice technician should possess. Accordingly, it verifies the skills necessary to serve in various entry-level network support positions. 

That being said, this credential validates your skills regarding the installation, operation, and troubleshooting small enterprise networks. There are no prerequisites required to attain the CCNP certification.

Why Certify

So why certify anyway? Well, despite being an entry-level credential, the CCNP certification comes with numerous benefits. In addition to acting as the stepping stone towards attaining the prestigious CCNA credentials, this certification also demonstrates your concrete knowledge and understanding of the networking platform. 

Besides, it sets you apart from your peers and may go a long way toward convincing the hiring managers that you are the perfect fit for their jobs, since Cisco is a globally recognized IT vendor. So, having the CCNP credential is a valuable mark on your CV list. To attain this certification, you have to pass the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND1) exam, coded as 100-105.

An Overview of the Exam 100-105 (ICND1)

Passing 100-105 exam verifies your knowledge and expertise associated with LAN switching technologies, routing technologies, network fundamentals, infrastructure maintenance, and infrastructure services. The successful passing of this test earns you the mentioned CCNP certification. 

Exam Description

100-105 exam is a 90-minute duration test that includes 45-55 questions and acts as a tangible first step in your networking journey. The test will cost you $165. Despite its association with the entry-level CCNP certification, this exam checks your knowledge regarding a wide range of networking topics: Network Fundamentals (20%), Routing Fundamentals (25%), LAN Switching Technologies (26%), Infrastructure Services (15%), and Infrastructure Maintenance (14%).

Exam Training Options

Being the first exam on this track, it might seem to be easy, still, you need to be well prepared especially, if you are a newcomer to the IT industry.

So, what’s the best way to prepare for your first ever IT certification exam in the networking sphere? You’ve guessed it right. Of course it’s a vendor’s website. The Cisco official website provides countless study materials and should be your priority when preparing for 100-105 exam. Here are a few resources from this website worth checking out before the ultimate test arrives.

Classroom Training

It might not be the people’s darling but classroom training is vital when preparing for the Cisco certification exams. The CCNP exam is, therefore, no exception. Here, you will find the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND1) course to help you prepare adequately for the test.

Self-Study Materials

Imagine practicing with reliable study materials from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Sounds pretty cool. Right? This is what Cisco provides for candidates preparing for 100-105 test. From the CCNP study group to the ICND1 study material, the Cisco Press, and the Cisco Platinum Learning Library, you have tons of options to choose from.


They say practice makes perfect and it’s not for nothing. Take an official practice test for the ICND1 exam and build your confidence in readiness for the test.

Optional study materials

After getting the material from the official website, it’s time to search the internet. Practicing exam questions are of great help to know what is waiting for you at the exam. For that, check PrepAway website a popular online platform among the candidates which you can trust. It offers a valuable collection of the most updated exam dumps, uploaded on the site by real exam takers. This fact testifies their validity. It also offers the exam files with questions and answers checked by IT experts, they are known as premium bundles. In addition, to 100-105 dumps, you can take video courses, and if you need get a study guide to plan your time wisely. So, PrepAway is an amazing resource that contains various materials under-one-roof. 


No need to lie to you but the employment sphere is so competitive at the moment. It would be wiser to showcase your competency by doing what you can instead of showing what you know. Building a remarkable career in the IT industry starts with the possession of foundational knowledge and skills. With the CCNP certification, you have an edge over other individuals looking to jumpstart their career in the IT industry. Develop a killer instinct and see your career goals come to fruition in a shorter span than you anticipated.

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