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Getting The Best Low Acid Coffee


Beverages are a constant in the world today. Many take the various beverages available in the market today as a matter of habit. It is not in doubt that the reason for the love for beverages is that they are enjoyable and are quite refreshing in equal measure.

One popular beverage that gets the most attention today is coffee. It is the most consumed beverage around. For most people, not a day goes by without their haven taken at least a cup of this beverage.

But the question is, is there any element in it that may be harmful? And if so, is there any remedy to the potential harm that may result from its consumption?

What Does Coffee Contain Exactly?

First of all, it has to be understood that there is a difference between an acid as per pH. level and all and when a thing is said to be acidic. Acids on the one hand are compounds that ionize in water which then results in the release of hydrogen ions. The term acidic on the other hand, is a descriptive term (an adjective) that describes substances or elements that are similar to an acid in terms of the properties that they contain. You can read more on it here.

In this particular instance (as it concerns coffee) what is being referred to is its acidic content. In its natural form or state, coffee contains various acids that are both good and not so good for the body depending on your health condition. However, some of these elements are destroyed in the process of roasting the coffee beans and brewing.

It also has to be noted that generally, acidity in your favorite beverage is a very desirable quality. In regular parlance, it is used to indicate the strength of the flavor or taste in the coffee being consumed by individuals. Actually, its acidity is even lower than what is present in most drinks like juice, soda or beer that people consume on a daily basis.

Any Side Effects?

Most people will never get to complain about the acidic content of their beverage, in fact, for them, the more acidic the better. The challenge however, is that people with certain health conditions might find this drink troubling to their body system. Some of its effects in certain individuals include:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBM)
  • Acid reflux and
  • Gastric ulcers

It is important to note that it is not the acidic content in the drink that causes these health challenges rather, its consumption by people with these health conditions can aggravate their health conditions. For people with these conditions or other conditions that can be aggravated by this drink, the best advice from a medical perspective is to stop drinking coffee. This is because, no matter how well roasted or brewed it is, it will retain some level of acidity. You can read more on this at

How To Get The Best Low Acid Brew

There are ways to prepare your favorite beverage such that it loses its acidity. This of course will only be necessary if your health condition is affected by its acidity. The ways to do this are:

Cold Brew The Coffee

This simply is coffee that unlike most others is not exposed to heat. The process is actually long and needs proper planning to achieve thus, not a lot of people get to do it. It is done by steeping coarsely grounded or medium grounded coffee in water that is temperate for about 12 hours or more and then filtering it out to remove sediments.–––

When it is brewed this way, you get a smooth drink that fills the mouth and is rich in taste. Again, it is also a great relief to those with certain body ailments as this process reduces its acidity. However, many people do not like this method because it takes time and lots of people will say that they do not have time to waste. If this is so for you, then there is a another option.

Boiling It With Eggshells

The idea behind this method is this; eggshells contain alkaline; this is because they contain an alkaline substance known as calcium carbonate. On the other hand, your brew has acidic content thus, if you add eggshells to your beverage it automatically reduces its acidity thereby improving your brew. This is an old trick that was commonly used in America in the olden days (some of your parents or grannies still remember it).

However, you might be wondering if this would not make your drink to be filled with eggshell powder and brew? The answer to this question is no because, eggshells will cause all particles to sediment or settle at the bottom of the pot after which you can now sieve your brew.

Choose The Right Coffee

This whole process for an individual begins with choosing the right coffee. These types are the ones that are often advertised as being low on acidity and stomach friendly and are usually grown in central and south America and also in India. Also, you have to always choose those that are dark roast (usually French and Italian roasts) because they have low acidity. You can ask questions or check online to ensure that you get the best low acid coffee that is available.


For many people, coffee consumption has become an irresistible habit that has been acquired over time. This makes it a must have for many, be it at home or at work.

However, for those with certain health issues, its consumption might result in further health complications. To prevent this, various ways of reducing the acidity in the brew are being taught to people.  

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