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In this era where health is the new mantra and the wellness industry is thriving… with many new products on the block wooing the customers to be more health consciousness, enthusiasts are always in a dilemma of what to choose and what not, in a pursuit to have a healthier lifestyle. The gyms, the foods, energy supplements…. are all the trends riding on this wave.

The juice and beverages industry, being a critical part of this revolution, has been in the forefront where the claims are on fresh real fruits, no preservatives, high on nutrition, and so on. But all said these packaged tetra packs juices are never healthy and tasty when compared to the freshly prepared juices at home using fresh fruits and vegetables.

You might ask now…preparing fresh juice at home !!! … Is it not cumbersome? Traditionally I remember those childhood days when my mom used to spend hours to peel, chop, cut, blend and sieve fruits/ vegetables to prepare a couple of glasses of fresh juice for us. The process was not only tedious but a lot was wasted in the process. Then came the centrifugal juicers which was less cumbersome but the nutrition value of the juice was always a doubt and cleaning was a let down which made me use it occasionally.

Kent cold pressed juicer review

Recently, I received a Kent Cold Pressed Juicer for a review and believe me it was a different experience preparing the fresh juices at home. I loved the juicer in the demo session itself. The way juice pulp was separated from clear juice itself was Wow. As I went on using the juicer I discovered few more wonderful features in Kent Cold Press Juicer that impressed me a lot …


In conventional juicers and blenders as a result of high speed spinning, the nutrients and fibres gets oxidized due to the heat generated. On the other hand, KENT Cold Pressed juicer uses low-speed squeezing technique which does not produce much heat thus keeping the nutrients and fibres intact. Also due to high content of fibres and nutrients, the juice extracted tastes better and fresher.


For same quantity of green vegetables and fruits, this juicer yields more juice than conventional. It can also process nuts like almonds, cashews… for the yummy milk shakes, which is not possible with conventional juicers. As a result, you can squeeze in more servings of fruits or vegetables per glass if you have juice.

how to make juices in Kent cold pressed juicer

With KENT Cold Pressed Juicer, the pre-preparation of chopping is quite simple. The machine comes with a big inlet which allows bigger chunks to be fed thus reducing chopping hassles. So all you will have to do is to slightly peel the fruits/ vegetables and cut big pieces just enough so that they can pass through the inlet and rest you can leave it to the juicer . My daughter loved making colorful juices on her own .

The juicer has been designed very thoughtfully. The whole juicing process is so easy and mess free. The juice comes out of one side and the left-overs from the other side, and both can be collected in dedicated containers. No filtering or sieving process later. Just enjoy your fresh tasty glass of healthy juice.
It also comes with two filter options – Fine meshed and wide meshed . Fine-meshed filter for hard fruits and vegetables (e.g. carrot, cucumber, apple, etc.) and wide-meshed filter screen for soft fruits and vegetables (e.g. watermelon, orange, tomato etc.) . You can use any mesh.. based on your requirement .
A cleaning brush is also provided for cleaning of the filter post use.

how to make juices in Kent cold pressed juicer

Even while using nuts, highly fibrous fruits and vegetables, there is least possibility of blockages in the juicer. The reason is that it comes with a special reverse action motor which makes it easier to clear the blockages, a feature which is not seen in the conventional juicers.

Kent cold pressed juicer review

Having said the advantages, you may ask… Are there no flipsides to this machine? There are a couple which can definitely be side-lined taking into consideration its advantages.
– The unit is a bit heavy in weight in comparison to some of the conventional juicers/ blenders available in the market.
– Being modular in design, the fitment and removal of internal accessories takes a little time.
– Cleaning the mesh is little time consuming. You better clean it before it get dries up .

Overall to sum up, I must say I just loved using the cold pressed juicer and the family enjoyed a range of refreshing and tasty real fruits and vegetables juice to drink. You can add whatever is there in your fridge and in no time your glass of fresh healthy juice is ready ..its quick , easy and the end result is really refreshing .And if your kid hates any veggie / fruit you can juice it along with their fav and just watch how quickly the glass will be emptied . What more do we want… isn’t it ??


Sharing here recipe for Cucumber Mint Cooler – one of the juice i made using Kent Cold Presssed Juicer …


cucumber mint cooler


Smitha Kalluraya
Cucumber Mint Cooler / Cucumber Mint Juice from Kent Cold Pressed Juice .
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course beverages
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 serving


  • 1 Medium size cucumber, ( no need to peel / de seed )
  • 10 - 15 sprigs Mint leaves pudina
  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice
  • to taste Sugar
  • a big pinch Salt / Black Salt
  • as required Water


  • In Kent Cold Pressed juicer add mint leaves,diced cucumber, lemon juice sugar,black salt . In minutes you will see your juice is ready .
  • To the prepared juice if you want you can add some water and adjust the consistency as you want .
  • Relish your Cucumber Mint Cooler / Cucumber mint juice immediately ... I am sure you are gonna love the freshness and bursting flavors in it !!!
    cucumber mint cooler


For more details about the model and price you can check Kent Cold Pressed Juicer website ….
Kent cold pressed juicer review

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