With the evolution of the computers, the internet and supported by the increase in data network speeds, the online distance education is the go-to solution to many students, faculties and academicians. Over the last decade, there has been a slow transition from traditional classroom learning to on-line e-learning.
Also many schools, to be in line with this trend, have the regular classroom sessions supplemented by online e-learning sessions to help their students. e-Learning is an excellent complement to full-time study and aids in improving the quality and effectiveness of traditional training.
Very recently, I, as a parent to my third grade daughter, was searching online to see any good video tutorial that can help my daughter understand the fundamentals of science and mathematics. Hmm… I started going through the many e-learning portals that are available online . Tough i stumbled upon many sites .. i was looking for some video tutorials as video teaching are always very effective . That’s when i landed at Edupedia World where I found the relevant topic video tutorial for my daughter. It has now become my 1 stop solution for all my educational reference .

About Edupedia World:
Edupedia World is an Indian venture founded by a young entrepreneur, Mr. Abhigya Sagar, with an aim of providing free good quality online education. His motto has been to create an online virtual education ecosystem where people can search for informative subjects and learn these topics at their own pace through a video tutorial. He, with this portal, also attempts to fill the gaps that are present in the real-world classroom teaching where many a times, students are unable to grasp the concept immediately in classroom learning and need certain mentors/ subject experts to explain in details.
What has been fascinating me about Edupedia is the fact that in about an year, the team has uploaded over 4000 quality educational videos; that has overall viewership of over a million and has also earned thousands of subscribers; making it one of the fast growing Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider.
About the portal:
Edupedia World, through their web portal and Youtube channel, provides a variety of subject topics to the knowledge seekers. You will notice that the website is not just limited to the subjects that are part of any school/ college/ board/ university syllabus but also cover various uncommon subjects like Vedic mathematics and computer applications.
High school learning extensively covers subjects like mathematics, English grammar, history, economics, biology etc.
The higher secondary section covers deeper subjects such as botany, civics, zoology etc.
Further it also covers in broader scope the subject topics like Computer Applications (C Programming, JAVA, HTML etc), Management (Operations Management, Economics, Accounting for Management…), Engineering (Analog instrumentation,Ecology), foreign language center (Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian etc) , famous personalities and events etc.
Study materials are also available for some of the courses like Chartered Accountancy, SAP modules and JEE. The website also consists of a blog page where views are shared about some interesting general topics like e-learning …
The efforts of Edupedia World is laudable and sure is a very good step to enhance the education system. All the study materials present on the website comes for free making the whole learning process cost effective.It helps in supporting students to give a better performance academically.
Thanks to the team’s support Edupedia World application is also now available on Google Playstore or Apple App store.

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