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You must be wondering did a food blogger like me turn into an auto expert overnight to review automobiles or events related to it? Not really!!! But this article has much to do with the opportunity I very recently got to go on and off-road in Tata Hexa at their new TATA Experience Centre here in Bangalore. Tata Hexa has been creating lot of buzz before it’s launch in January and I so wanted to try it.  When Indiblogger sent me an invitation to be a part#HexaExperience Center, I was excited to test drive this talk of the town car TATA Hexa.

Tata Motors, as part of its promotion of its latest SUV crossover offering “TATA Hexa”, has started with this cool concept event to let the customers experience the power-packed features of this vehicle at the Tata Experience Centre. The three day event was organized at White Orchid, adjacent to Manyata Embassy Business Park,  Bangalore from 23rd to 25th December’16, where one could register and have their first-hand experience of this vehicle on and off the road.

As i entered the White Orchid , i noticed that TATA had taken care to make it a complete family event . Instead of just showcasing TATA Hexa car , they had made sure to include Xmas theme game zone , digital zone, music zone, pet care zone , food zone etc so that the whole family can enjoy !!

In the centre of the hall was the royal majestic TATA Hexa. Customers could have a closer look of the interiors , clarify the doubts with the customer suport and even book your Tata Hexa here !!

After moving around indoors , It was time for the much awaited outdoor section of the hexa experience center . Here one could either drive “on road ” or experience the “off road ” .

Now you may ask me … how different is this experience from any test drive that the other brands offer?  Believe me, the event’s highlight is built around a specially created off-road track on an open space to showcase the power packed features of the vehicle along with its comfort and luxury aspects. Tata had set up an off-road track which included a 40 degree incline, logs to drive on, 30 degree uphill and downhill setup,deep water pit and a whole lot more to push the Hexa to the maximum.

Despite all these challenging bumps, inclines, slopes, water stretches, twists and turns.. the drive was very much comfortable for me sitting inside the car.


tata hexa experience bangalore
#Hexaexperience ,Bangalore

All the stunts had my adrenaline rushing !! I thoroughly enjoyed the overall ambience and experience.


For on-lookers, the TATA Hexa at the first glance might look like their earlier SUV TATA Aria with some facelift, but trust me the experience makes you believe that it is lot more to just the new body panels.


Based on my drive experience I realized that further to its smart styling, power packed engine and 4×4 drive the TATA Hexa

  • Is spacious and comfortable with quality interiors
  • comes with a new feature  ‘Super Drive Modes’ system which allows the driver to seamlessly switch between the different driving modes – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road making our ride stabilized and comfortable over any kind of road.
  • 6 airbags, ABS, hill hold / descent control makes driving safer and easier.
  • Added to that it has a 10-speaker audio system with good sound quality experience.


The wisely phrase saying – “Experience it to believe it!!!” has been realized by TATA Experience Center to engage and enable potential customers, enthusiasts and their families to get up close and personal, with the feature loaded Tata Hexa. The experience was awesome and i thoroughly enjoyed it . I am sure Tata hexa will see many happy customers . Would you want to experience TATA Hexa..check here for more details…

tata hexa car

Thank You Indiblogger for the #Hexaexperience !!

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