India is a land of rich cultural heritage and diversities and this fact holds very true even to its various delicious regional snacks, foods and cuisines. Each city, town and village in India is associated with some or the other unique recipe which is very local to the region and you may not get this same authentic taste and food experience in any other place than its origin. You may also have observed that in some cases the name of the origin gets associated with the snack/dish to claim its stamp of authenticity, for example Lonavala chikki, Dharwad peda, Mysore pak, Agra petha…

I, being one of the food and travel enthusiasts, have visited many places in India and have indulged into local cuisines, sweets and snacks associated to these towns. Believe me that many a times during these indulgences there is an emotional attachment to it and every time I come across these foods, it triggers some of my fond memories of these places and its delightful experiences.

Recently my hubby, was craving for the dry fruit kachoris that he had eaten during his visit to Jamnagar and the authentic dry petha which we ate during our Delhi-Agra visit 2 years back. Now Since we are in Bangalore, I was wondering if I I’ll get the the same authentic taste in the local shops. And started my pursuit on internet to see any authentic online store which can help me buy foods from these places and parcel me . I happened to stumble upon this online site, a one stop online shop for all those special foods that you crave the most and that are difficult to find locally.

At, you can find some of the unique regional delicacies and can order from the comfort of your home. Here you will find over 200 brands offering wide range of products (2500+ products) that are sourced and delivered from about twenty states of India. In this store the products are broadly categorized as Sweets, Snacks, Staples, dry fruits and gifts. And under each of these categories you can further fine search by selecting the food item, the place of origin or the brand. Easy and friendly navigation which any beginner will also find trouble free.

Under Sweets, you have categories of mithais, chocolates and cakes. So when I had to order for the dry peta, all I had to do is give a search as “petha” or go under mithais section, select the place of orgin as Delhi/ New Delhi and select dry petha among the various brands under the list and add it to my cart. The site also has a feature to filter products based on price from low-to-high in case you want to compare the prices.

Under Snacks, you have categories of namkeens, biscuits, breakfast cereal and bars. You can also further select the type of snack… Vegetarian, Non-veg, gluten-free, eggless… I searched and added my dry fruit kachori to my cart here.

For health and fitness freaks, there is a separate section for healthy foods and snacks where you can find the products like protein bars, crackers and other low fat/ low cal snacks.

Wow !! as I browsed the site more .. I started drooling. It had so many my favorite sweets,snacks and chocolates.. Yum !! You can also order plain dry fruits under the Dry fruits section. Under Staples, you have variety of pickles and sauces, masalas and mixes, grains and attas, jams, cooking essentials, tea/ coffee, ready to cook items, spices…

I felt the pricing of the items also quite reasonable and making online payment is also quiet easy. The delivery was also reasonably quick and we received our order quiet fast than accepted. We just loved the authentic pethas and kachoris at our home and fulfilled our taste buds. I must admit the taste ,quality ,freshness … everything deserves full marks .

I am really happy to have found a great site and I am sure you too will find a solution to your cravings at . So wait for what??? Do check out the site today .. Enjoy !!!

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Love ~Smitha

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