hibiscus drink recipe

Hibiscus Tea with step by step recipe | Hibiscus drink Recipe | How to do Hibiscus Drink

hibiscus tea or hibiscus drink is a super healthy and very refreshing drink made using fresh hibiscus flower or dried ones .

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Today i have for you all one super healthy and very refreshing beverage made from using fresh hibiscus flower or dried ones – Hibiscus tea or Hibiscus drink . One can enjoy it hot or sip as a cold tea.. choice is all yours , whichever way you are sure gonna enjoy !! And that natural deep red pink color of the drink .. so appealing isn’t it ?

What are the Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea ?

  • These flowers are very good for summer as they have great cooling property.
  • Hibiscus tea helps to lower blood pressure and reduce blood sugar.
  • Hibiscus flowers are rich in Anti oxidants ,vitamins and minerals .
  • It’s good for women suffering from menstrual problems and menstrual cramps.

Few things to note while making this Hibiscus drink

  • As said earlier , one can make hibiscus tea both from fresh flowers or dried flowers.
  • You can have it hot or make , chill it in the fridge or add ice cubes and sip whenever you feel.
  • Addition of sweetener is purely optional. Honey /sugar according to your preference.
  • You can make plain hibiscus tea or add flavoring herbs of your choice like basil / mint / lemongrass etc.

So next time you get few hibiscus flowers , you know it’s not limited just for your hair mask and oil but can also make few interesting dishes like hibiscus tambuli , Dosa , tea etc .. Here you go !!

Do check the Video here :

hibiscus drink recipe

Hibiscus Tea

Smitha Kalluraya
hibiscus tea or hibiscus drink is a super healthy and very refreshing drink made using fresh hibiscus flower or dried ones .
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course beverages


  • 6-8 nos Hibiscus flower , fresh or dried
  • 2-3 cups Water
  • 1 tbsp Lime juice
  • tsp Honey / sugar, optional
  • few Mint leaves
  • ice cubes , if required


  • To make Hibiscus tea , we can either use fresh Hibiscus flower or dried ones .
    Here i have used fresh flowers.
  • Separate the green region and centre pistil region of the flower. Like this we will be using only petals of the flower.
    In case you are using dried flower, they are mostly cleaned and ready to use.
  • Wash the flowers nicely. Make sure there are no ants or dirt.
  • In a pan / vessel , take 3 cup water . Keep it for boiling.
    Once water is boiling nicely. Switch off.
  • Add cleaned flower petals to the hot water.Stir.
  • Cover and keep for 15 – 20 mins , Let the hibiscus flowers steep for 10-15 minutes in hot water.
    You will notice that the petals have started to discolor .
  • Discard the discolored petals.
  • Transfer the strained hibiscus tea to a serving glass.
  • Squeeze lime. Mix and observe the magic.
    The color changes to a beautiful scarlet red.
  • Add little honey or sugar if you wish .
  • add Few mint leaves or any herbs if you wish for some extra flavor.
    Hibiscus tea can be relished hot / warm or cold as per your preference .
    Add few ice cubes if you like.
  • Super healthy and very refreshing Hibiscus Tea is ready to sip !!
    hibiscus drink recipe
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