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The Amazing Escape is the newest hangout place in Bangalore for all those seeking an adrenalin rush and some thrill. The escape games give a real- life adventure where you are locked in a room with hidden clues and given 60 minutes to find your way out. There are various clues to help you find your way out .#SomethingAmazingInBangalore

Recently me and my daughter had visited the Amazing Escape and completely enjoyed our lockout time . We have played many online treasure hunt games , mystery games , adventure games but had never experienced something real like The amazing Escape . When we got to know a place like this in Bangalore we were very thrilled and wanted to explore it .

There are 7 rooms in The Amazing Escape . Each room has a different concept/ theme to appeal to different thrill seekers. Casino Heist ,Metro Bomb Defusal , The lost Kingdom , Illuminati , The Evil ” Lucy ” , Prison Break , Escape The Tomb are few of the themes .

The Amazing Escape will intrigue, entertain and delight you with vivid stories, complex puzzles and fascinating challenges and might even give you a glimpse of a side of personality you never knew existed . All you need to remember is – better the team coordination, lesser the time required to solve the clues.

One of the best places to hangout with group of friends , for corporate team outings…

The game that I tried was … Casino Heist

The Oceans is the most successful heist syndicate, it is our only chance to be a part of this elite group and make a mark worldwide. The challenge for our team was to attempt a heist at the Casino Royale.

They have temporarily neutralized the security cameras and gained access to the casino owner’s office, where the door to the vault awaits. They have discreetly hidden clues around the office which we will need to crack the safe. The security system has been deactivated for 55 minutes, after that the alarm will sound and we will have only 5 minutes to escape before the cops arrive.

If we do manage to enter the vault, we will have to make a crucial decisions..Take the available money and run or stay just a little longer to increase the take. My goodness .. i must admit .. we had a gala 60 mins .. running here n there finding clues .

A big thumbs up to the creative team …I completely recommend the place for all of you out there .. if you are on the lookout of #SomethingAmazingInBangalore..

Where: #837, 2nd & 3rd Floor, 7th Main, Indira Nagar, Opposite Harley Davidson

Price :


2-3 people per room – Rs 599 per person ;4-6 people per room – Rs 499 per person

7 and above per room – Rs 449 per person

Weekends (Fri, Sat & Sun)

2-3 people per room – Rs 699 per person ;4-6 people per room – Rs 599 per person

7 and above per room – Rs 549 per person

For more details do check out ..

or Contact : +91 8884440258 / +91 9986787656

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