3 tips on how to survive this Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and the holiday excitement is bursting at the seams in most people. However, many things could go wrong during Christmas. Christmas is a lively time to share, families come together, and a lot of love spread around the world.

The festive season, however, is also a time when couples fight about their families, children fight their parents about gifts, families squabble about vacations, and people spend Christmas alone, among many other mishaps. Not to mention, the rise in road accidents occurring during the holiday season.How then do you survive Christmas unscathed? Here’s how.

Three tips on how to survive this Christmas

  •    Keep it simple

Many people get so caught up in planning a perfect Christmas that they forget to enjoy the holiday and also miss what the holiday represents. If you’re one of the stressors who plan every detail to the second of your family’s Christmas, take a step back and keep it simple.Allow the festive excitement that’s bubbling inside every person to explode and let things run wild sometimes. Yes, planning is essential but don’t plan every second, leave some space for mayhem and out-of-control excitement.

Keeping things simple helps you relax since you won’t be trying to control everyone and everything the whole time. A compelling reason why you should keep it simple; look back on past Christmas holidays, how were they? What would you have done differently? Did you allow yourself any time to breathe and let loose?Once you answer those questions, you begin to have a better way to spend your Christmas without overthinking every detail. Just list the must-do things at the top of your list and then follow the flow.

  •    Be honest with yourself, family and friends

If Christmas movies have taught us one thing, it’s that lying serves to frustrate and humiliate you in the end. Also, it keeps you on edge at all times, and you have no energy left to enjoy the festivities. Honesty is the best policy during the holidays.Be honest with yourself by ensuring that you don’t overexert yourself. Christmas is a time that you should be kind to yourself. Don’t try to please everyone, instead, try to find your happy place during the holiday.

Be upfront with your family, especially when it comes to activities and gifts. A parent on a budget could opt to look for  toys that can be shared. If you want a small gathering without the extended family drama, voice your needs. Tell your children if you can only afford one gift and help them understand why you can’t vacation at an exotic location this Christmas.Lastly, tell your friends if you can’t make it to their celebrations or If you want to travel alone or relax off the work stress. Career lies often wear you out, therefore, don’t lie to friends about what you do when you go back home. Honesty makes everything better to handle.

Christmas is about finding your joy and spreading joy. Spend time with people you love and love you; you too should be happy.

  •    Everything in moderation

Moderation is the key to avoiding disappointments in a lot of cases.  For instance, if you stuff your face in everything at the Christmas table, chances are, and you can’t enjoy the rest of the day or time because you can barely move.Also, moderate your expectations this Christmas to remove all room for disappointment. When you expect too much, you fret at the first sign of trouble which then sucks the joy out of the rest of your holiday.


Always learn from the past when it comes to Christmas and if you can, try something new every year. If you’re not having a good time during the festivities, you’re doing something right. Don’t just bring joy to others but be kind to yourself as well.

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