betty crocker instant pancake mix

Eating breakfast plays an important role in maintaining a healthy metabolism . I can never think of skipping breakfast and try to make it as healthy as possible.. . Being a South Indian .. yes Dosa , Idli , Chapathi , upma etc are the regular dishes in my home but sometimes I do like to pamper the family with a sweet treat and Pancake tops the list on such occasions . My kids love pancakes .. and they never get bored out of it . I know they are not alone. Recently when i was asked to try out Betty Crocker Instant Pancake Mix and review it on my blog … i was more than happy to accept it as i knew we would definitely relish them. They were so good and simply delicious topped with loads of honey … i could see my kids smiling and licking their plate clean as they relished their breakfast .

BETTY crocker instant pancake mix

Betty Crocker as a brand globally offers a variety of ready to make products in the sweet and savory spice. When i was going through their website .. i was really impressed by the choice they offer. But In India, they currently only have the sweet space with the following products:

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Triple Choco Brownie
  • Pancakes

This brand has been in the industry for as long as anyone can remember and has established a legacy of their own globally.. With over 90 years of incredible history behind Betty Crocker , one can trust them completely to bake a perfect cake every time .. No doubt that’s the reason they have a huge fan following across their social channels . However, in India, they are yet to make an impact and enter every kitchen .. thanks to our wrong conception on Global food !!!

betty crocker instant pancake mix

Pancakes are actually a hearty option, providing a high quantity of essential nutrients and minerals . When made in home .. one can top them with lot honey / fresh fruits / dry fruits etc to make it more healthier . Making pancake from scratch is actually not that difficult but the instant mixes are a great life saver when we are running out of time . After trying out Betty Crocker Instant Complete Pancake Mix .. i realized how handy this mix is …just add water and whisk and in 5 mins you have yummy , fluffy pancakes . This  Instant Pancake Mix makes breakfast a breeze!

When you are lazy to cook or running out of time or a novice in kitchen or a bachelor … this Betty crocker instant pancake mix is a perfect handy mix and the outcome is …..just mouthwatering . So fluffy , airy , mildly sweetened golden pancakes.

The best part about this instant pancake mix is it’s so versatile that one can make waffles / crepes with it or funky colorful pancakes for kids  using candies / creams / fruits .

betty crocker pancake review

So what are you waiting for .. go ahead and place your order for Betty Crocker Instant pancake mix at Amazon / Big Basket ... I am sure you would enjoy making them .  ..Happy Pancaking with Betty Crocker !!!

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