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ottu shavige recipe

Today i have for you all a classic traditional recipe from Udupi , Mangalore Coastal Karnataka – “ Ottu Shavige / Akki Ottu Shamige ” .One can relish ottu shavige with sweetened coconut milk , with majjige huli , as kai sasive chitranna , as lemon chitranna , with poppy seeds payasam , ellu bela pudi , coconut oil + mango pickle etc .. i am just drooling thinking of various options 🙂

ottu shavige recipe

It is one of my all time favorites dish and i am very happy to share its recipe here today . For people who are wondering what this ottu shavige is .. for better understanding one can say them as handmade rice noodles / string hoppers / variation of idiyappam .Ottu shavige was very frequently made by our ancestors but now many people don’t make it at home .

There are various ways one can make idiyappam / ottu shavige .Today i am showing a typical Udupi style of making using Kerala rosematta rice ( red parboiled rice / Kempu kuslakki as called locally ) . Addition of little coconut while grinding enhances the taste an also makes it softer when compared to the regular rice noodles . Over the time i will show other variation of making ottu shavige .

Traditionally, these noodles are made using a special  shavige press that has three-legs and  a rotating handle. I too use that ( will take a pic of it and add to this post ) . However ,due to compact kitchen many people use the chakli press these days .The process is making ottu shavige is bit elaborate and time consuming .. but the end result is worth it . Do give a try for your weekend breakfast or lunch and you will surely agree with me… Tummy full dil bhi khush….

Few points to note while making Ottu Shavige : 

  • Use as less water as possible to grind the batter but the resultant should be smooth.
  • If for some reason the batter became runny , you can fix it by adding some rice flour or rava .
  • If the batter is thin .. strands won’t come out nice .
  • Always press the dough when its hot only . Else pressing process becomes hard . Keep the containers inside the steamers only till they are ready to be pressed
  • To do lemon flavored / coconut flavored/ raw mango flavored  / kai sasive flavored shavige —make the masala first and mixit the shavige .

akki shavige

Do see how to make – kai sasive chitranna masala ( coconut mustard masala ) , raw mango masala , lemon chitranna masala ….

ottu shavige recipe


Smitha Kalluraya
Course Breakfast, Main Course
Cuisine karnataka


  • 4 cup Red parboiled rice / Rosematta rice / kempu kuslakki
  • 1 cup Dosa rice / belthige akki
  • 1/4 cup fresh coconut, grated
  • Salt to taste
  • coconut Oil to grease


  • Soak red parboiled rice and dosa rice in water overnight / for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Drain water and grind it to very smooth paste adding little water along with grated coconut. Add salt to taste. Don't make thin paste, the batter should be spoonable thick.
  • To a greased container, fill the ground thick batter. Place it in a steamer and cook for 30 to 35 minutes.
  • Check if its cooked by piercing a toothpick. If it is done, the toothpick will come out clean.
  • Unmould from the container and place the cooked dough into the idiyappam press .
    note idiyappam press should be grease with oil initially .
  • Press in a circular shape when the dough is still hot . You will see strands of Red Parboiled Rice Shavige coming.
  • spread it on a plate, let shavige cool a bit.
  • Kuskakki Akki sgavige .
    ottu shavige recipe
  • Kai sasive shavige
    Serve Red Parboiled Rice Shavige with fresh coconut milk / mango rasayana / season it as lemon sevai / kai sasive shavige / majjige huli / poppy seeds payasam / coconut oil + mango pickle etc .. list is endless .
    kai sasive chitranna
  • Lemon shavige ...
    lemon shavige recipe

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