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horse gram dosa

The cuisines vary widely in each Indian state, city and even each household. Everyone has their own way of preparing delicious cuisines. However, from the wide variety of Indian cuisines, South Indian dishes top the list. From up north to down south, there may be only a few out there who wouldn’t like indulging in delicious and delectable South Indian dishes. The mere thought of hot dosa topped with butter and filled with spicy mashed potato or anything else is itself so mouth-watering and irresistible that it becomes impossible to keep yourself away from ordering a plate.  

horse gram dosa

So, if you are a hard-core dosa lover, we have good news for you. Popular healthcare brands like Kent have introduced dosa maker machine that can quickly make hot, crispy and delicious dosa in a few minutes. So, give you delivery guy a break and make southern cuisines like chilla and dosa at home with the help of a chilla and dosa maker. However, before you buy this revolutionary appliance, here we have listed the advantages. Take a look!

Your Health is Not at Stake

Cooking South Indian dishes at home is usually full of mess and a lot of oil. Eating oil-free and healthy home cooked South Indian food is more a dream with chilla and dosa maker. This modern non-stick appliance lets one make their favourite South Indian dishes like chilla and dosa without the use of oil. So, say yes to this fantastic appliance and treat your taste buds with delicious dosa whenever you want.

Anytime is Snacking Time

If you are true blue dosa lover, the craving can arise any time of the day. With a chilla and dosa maker always by your side, you can easily make them at the comfort of your home without putting a burden on your pocket. Also, you can also make crepes and omelettes of different styles without the use of any oil.

Easy and Smooth Operation

The only concern you might be having is the hassle of operating an appliance while cooking. With this modern-day appliance, you can easily make Southern cuisines in a few minutes, courtesy the easy-to-use design. Just prepare the batter and dip the appliance in it for a few seconds, flip it after the edges turn brown and in a few minutes, your dosa/chilla/crepe/omelette would be ready to eat.  

Shape Matters

Obtaining perfect shape of the dosa or a chilla is a challenge for many. However, with a chilla and dosa maker by your side, you can easily make perfectly round chilla, dosa and more and win praises for your cooking skills. So, the next time when you have a party at your place, serve your guests delicious South Indian cuisines that too in a perfect shape. Perfectly round dosa and chilla is no more a dream.  

Cook to Impress

When you have guests over, and they will see you preparing South Indian dishes using this incredible appliance, they are sure to get impressed. The sleek and lightweight design is attractive and make it super easy to get the job done in a few minutes. Also, the design makes it easy for you to clean the appliance and store it back.

So, bring home this modern appliance to give your South Indian food craving an instant solution. However, before operating, make sure you read the instructions manual well to keep yourself away from danger and to make use of the appliance well. Owing a dosa maker machine will also give wings to your cooking skills and inject a desire to try more and more dishes using the appliance.

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