India is a land of cultural diversities , land of spices … each region has its own unique spice.. iconic to that region . Based on these cultural diversities .. Nestle India has come up with 4 new regional special flavors limited edition Maggi flavors …#MasalasOfIndia . I had recently seen these #MasalasOfIndia Maggi in Paytm and was thinking of trying them soon . And Wow !! Very next day i see an invite from Nestle India to be a part of launch of new Maggi flavors .. accompanied with some fun sections. Being a die hard fan of Maggi .. how could i let go this chance of digging into my new Maggi before they actually hit stores . The new flavors include Amritsari Achari , Bengali Jhaal , Mumbai Chatak and Super Chennai


I remember eating Maggi first time when i was some 5 year kid !! I used to just love Maggi then and my mom used to make the regular Masala Maggi for me every Sunday . Maggi had become a part of my Sunday funday .. I still remember the Maggi ad which was coming in Doordarshan seeing which i had forced my dad to buy it for me … ” Kele jab antakshari ..Maggi noodles Khaye sabhi.. Maggi Maggi Maggi

It’s almost 3 decades now and I am surprised that Maggi still continues to be my favorite anytime IN food …  This “2 minute ” noodle is a favorite among my kids too ..!! Do we need to more reasons to relish our bowl of maggi !!! So when i saw that Maggi has come up with new regional flavors , i was excited to taste it .. at the same time i was really little doubtful if those Indian spices would really blend with Maggi .. won’t it be a mis match ?All my doubts vanished when i tasted all the 4 new flavors on Friday At Slurp Studio Bangalore During the launch event .

The event kick started with a tasting session conducted by Chef Zaheer Nestle India R& D team . It was a kind of blind tasting of the 4 new variants of Maggi and guess the flavor types . Sounds fun right .. Yes !!

Excited .. we patiently waited as the chef was making Maggi and once done we were asked to guess which bowl had which flavor Maggi .Being a food bloger .. we guessed all of them right !!

Pepped with the quintessential spices of the spicy Achar from the Amritsari cuisine  .. Amritsari Achari Maggi was spicy tangy with a pickled twist to the taste buds with some kalonjis and fennel seeds in between.

The Bengali Jaal maggi is inspired by the signature blend of West Bengal – Panch – phoran . The five diferent spices  blends perfectly giving a nice spicy punch to the Maggi .

As we all know .. Mumbai is known for that chatpata spices , unique flavors , its  chats .  .. this Mumbaiya Chatak Masala is on ode to everything Mumbaiya.

Last but not the least is the South Special Super Chennai Masala . There is hardly any dish in South Indian that’s made without curry leaves . This Super Chennai Masala is no exception .. with a balanced flavors and aroma  of curry leaves, red chilies, tamarind and traditional sambar masala,.. they tasted really Yummy !!!

Though i loved all the new #MasalasOfIndia maggi .. .my most favorite is …. Bengali Jaal followed by Achari Amritsari. It was really spicy and the flavors were just lipsmacking … Which is you’r favorite .. Do let me know ??

After the tasting session Chef showed us two innovative dishes using the new flavors . Chicken Teriyaki paired with Mumbaiya Chatak and Bengali street food Jal muri using Bengali Jal Maggi . I love chats .. and no points for  guessing that i loved the Bengali jaal . It was really spicy , tangy and super yummy . ( but yeah .. i would have preferred frying / baking maggi for some crispiness )

chicken teriyaki maggi

Bengali Jhaal muri maggi

It was time for us to split into 2 teams and try our hands in a fusion recipe using choice of our Maggi .In our team was Deepa , Vidya .and Shruthi.

After some discussion ..we decided to prepare Mumbaiyya Moussaka ..!! Moussakka is basically a greek dish .. wherein sliced eggplant are layered with sauces , veggies / meat and finished with grated dish . This is how we made the Mumabai Moussaka using Mumbai chatpata maggi :

  • Slice the big aubergine to thin round slices and place it in water .. so they don’t black . When ready to use .. drain water .
  • Heat a pan and fry aubergine slices till done. Flip and cook both sides till golden brown . Keep it aside .
  • Prepare a spicy Tomato pepper herb sauce : take a pan of water . Into it goes 1 chopped green capsicum , 1 red capsicum , 2-3 chopped tomato , 2 green chilli , garlic and basil . Let it boil and cook well .Once  done.. allow to cool and puree . Add in required salt . Red sauce is ready .
  • Time to make  white sauce . In a pan .. saute 2-3 tbsp all purpose flour . When sauted .. add milk at room temperature and blend till its lumpless. Add salt , pepper powder and oregano powder . Simmer and cook till its creamy .. White sauce is ready
  • Meanwhile cook Mumbaiyya chatpata maggi .
  • Time to layer n prepare Mumabai Moussaka . Take a baking tray, arrange the fried slices of aubergine, pour the white sauce, spread it well and then the red sauce, some grated cheese and then layer it with the maggi.Again continue the same process and top it with lots of grated cheese. Bake it in preheated oven for 10 mins . Finally garnish with herbs and chilli flakes . Hot creamy cheesy gooey Mumbaiyya Maggi Moussaka is ready !! Enjoy hot ..

The team B did Bengali Ramen Jhaal Burger with Bengali Jhaal flavor of Maggi. The chef and the Nestle team loved both the recipes and declared both the teams as winners .

All in all it was a fun interactive event , where we bonded well , worked as a team and created some great memories..Thx Nestle India for this wonderful event and a big thanks for the tasty flavorful #MasalasOfIndia Maggi…looking forward to more new Maggi avatar  …

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