Tips to Plan a Cheap and Memorable Honeymoon Trip Outside India

Travelling abroad is on the to-do list of many Indians, and what better time to tick it off the list than after marriage. A honeymoon is special and deserves extra attention while planning. Suppose you’re simultaneously entangled in your wedding preparations and planning for your honeymoon. In that case, the tips shared in this guide can help you curate the best travel experience in any foreign location. So let’s quickly head to the tips shared below. 


  • Pick an Affordable Yet Beautiful Travel Destination

Even if you’re on a quite tight budget, you can easily come across foreign locations that are affordable to travel to. For example, if you decide to visit Europe during your honeymoon, consider visiting countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kosovo, Armenia, Albania, and others. These honeymoon destinations outside India are comparatively cheaper than other European countries but offer the best landscape, natural beauty, sightseeing places, food, hospitable people, and fun activities.

  • Prepare a Customised Itinerary

You should start preparing a personalised itinerary depending on your interests. Your choice of place and activities should hugely depend on whether you’re an adventure lover, history buff, food explorer, etc. You can always rely on detailed travel itineraries curated by seasoned travellers for inspiration, but you should never entirely copy them. Always personalise your travel plans so you can have a pleasant experience throughout your trip.


  • Make Hotel & Flight Bookings in Advance

If you don’t want the best accommodations to get booked by other travellers, you should make the booking at least two months before your desired travel date. Advance hotel bookings will ensure you stay in an accommodation of your choice. You should also book the flight tickets in advance because the prices tend to rise as you approach the travel date. The earlier you make the travel bookings, the better.

  • Apply for the Travel Visa

You cannot visit any foreign country without an approved travel visa. If you’re planning to explore a foreign location during your honeymoon, always apply for a tourist visa for the particular country in advance. Visa approvals are not always fast and depend on the total number of visa applications the concerned embassy receives. If you don’t want your honeymoon trip to come to a halt even before starting, apply for the travel visa at least three months in advance.

  • Get a Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Although it is not mandatory to get travel insurance for international travel is not mandatory, it is highly desirable. Insurance will protect the insured from financial losses arising from baggage theft, passport theft, change in travel dates, a medical emergency in a foreign location, and other events covered in the insurance plan. When you invest in reliable travel insurance online,you secure peace of mind during your entire honeymoon trip.


  • Travel Light

If you’re contemplating travelling to multiple locations, like different countries in the European continent, you should try to travel light. Heavier luggage is troublesome to carry, and if you overfill the bags, you may be charged extra baggage costs at the airport. Another benefit of travelling light is shopping for things you like without overflowing your luggage.

  • Look for Travel Deals and Coupons Before Making any Online Booking

The boom in the tourism industry has given rise to various travel websites. The best part of these websites is they offer multiple travel deals and coupons that can be used to get an instant discount on hotel, flight, and activity bookings. Besides saving money, you can also save time with such online bookings. Ask for recommendations from online travel communities if you have never used such travel websites. You will surely get some excellent recommendations from fellow travellers.  

  • Choose Guided Tours Over Solo Exploration

Solo explorations are great when you’re travelling alone or with a group of friends, but it isn’t the wisest thing to do when on your honeymoon. Picking guided tours over solo exploration removes worry and arrangement responsibilities from your shoulders. It means you can spend more quality time with your partner. Since the guided tour organisers plan most of the things included in the package, you just have to go out and enjoy.


  • Keep the Season in Mind

Seasons are of extreme importance when deciding on your honeymoon trip. If you want to explore a new place with your partner, you wouldn’t want to do it in sweltering heat or severely cold temperatures. Pick a month or period when the shortlisted destination has pleasant weather, like during the spring or autumn season.

  • Try to Eat in Local Eateries Instead of Plush Restaurants

When exploring a new location, you should also try exploring the local food scene. While you may be pretty tempted to treat your partner to the best by taking them to plush restaurants, remember that small eateries and food stalls also offer an authentic food experience at a relatively lower price. When you prioritise local, small eateries over high-end restaurants, you can be sure to get the authentic taste of the place in an economical manner.

Make Your Honeymoon Memorable & Pleasant

Planning honeymoon travel can be intimidating for many as people want to turn it into their best travel experience. But lack of guidance and information can disrupt the entire plan. If you’re not a seasoned traveller or don’t often travel, making a travel plan can seem daunting. Hence to make your travel vows easier, we’ve shared all the tips you would ever need to curate the best travel experience with your partner. If you want to turn your honeymoon travel into one of your best travel experiences, follow all the tips covered above.


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