Today i’m sharing Lobia sundal .. a healthy and tasty variety of sundal . It’s a simple dish loaded with high protein . I used my TTK Prestige microwave pressure cooker for making this Sundal .


Are you like… Wat !! .Pressure cooking in a microwave oven? Wondering whether this is ever possible? Haha.. I know. Like you .. I too was surprised when i first heard about it  . TTK Prestige presents Microchef Red, the first Microwave Pressure Cooker in India, which is an innovative offering designed after extensive research and incorporates many features to make our  cooking experience safer and enjoyable. Today, in this blog ..let’s explore this innovative product along with a recipe of lobia sundal .

TTK Prestige microwave pressure cooker

I am sure TTK Prestige requires no introduction from me as it has been over the years the household brand name in India and pioneer in the kitchen appliance and utilities. Prestige offers to the consumers the largest range of pressure cookers, cookware, kitchen appliances like gas stoves, mixer grinders, food processors, rice cookers, barbecues, electric irons, etc.

About Microwave Pressure Cooker:

The Prestige Microwave pressure cooker combines microwave and pressure cooking of our  favourite meals, be it Indian or International, so that one can enjoy a healthy meal in minutes.The speedy cooking in microwave oven ensures we save time and energy. This special cookware not only maximizes the use of microwave oven, but also preserves the nutrients that are otherwise lost using a conventional open vessel in the microwave oven. I had recently received a red colored Prestige Microwave Pressure Cooker Model number PMPC 3.0 of capacity 2.5 litre for review from TTK Prestige India .

prestige microwave pressure cooker

If you ask me some highlight features of the product, here they are:


The cookware combines traditional pressure cooking methods with efficient microwave cooking, ensuring even heat distribution, improved food colour-nutrition retention and faster cooking time. What would generally take 15-20 minutes on a conventional pressure cooker could take 6-10 minutes here with optimal oven settings. It cooks food uniformly. Unlike the ordinary pressure cookers where the food cooks only after the water begins to boil, microwave based cooker starts cooking the moment it is turned ON thus preserving all the nutrients in it. Also it can be used to steam and reduce the consumption of oil to prepare healthy, nutritious and low-fat food.


The cooker comes with 5 redundant safety features to ensure safe cooking: primary safety device (operating at about 27kPa), secondary safety device in case of primary fails (operating at about 44kPa), Visual pressure indicator (VPI) to indicate when the pressure is built, Multifunction safety device (MFSD ensures lid is properly closed) and filter to prevent any clogging.

3)      EASY TO USE:

The cookware is very easy to use. It provides easy 3 step cooking process of load, twist and microwave. The cleaning is equally easy post cooking, where you can rinse and clean in warm soap water.

4)      LOOK AND FEEL:

The cookware is made of high quality food grade microwavable plastic and comes in different capacities – 2.2 litre, 2.5 litre, and 4 litre. It’s red colour aesthetic design allows it to be used as a stylish serving bowl directly post cooking.

Seeing the advantages, you may now ask me… are there no flipsides to this wonder cookware. It has a few disadvantages which can always be side-lined to the positives:

1)      Since the cooker uses microwave oven. It cannot be used if there is an electricity power cut.

2)      The capacity of microwave oven should be at least 20 litres or more for accommodating the cooker. Also the cooker cannot be placed in other types of ovens like OTGs or convection oven.

3)      The pressure cooker can be used only in the microwave mode of operation. It cannot be used in convection or grill mode. Also this product cannot be used on gas stoves and induction cookers.

4)      If you overfill the cooker beyond specified limits, the ingredients may touch the filter assembly, which may lead to malfunctioning of the safety system due to clogging. Precaution should be taken to ensure this point.

Conclusion :

Having tried this cookware, I would recommend this cookware to all especially those who are nutrient conscious and for people who are running out of time .Microwave Pressure Cooker, offers the most simplistic, convenient and easy 3-step cooking process of load, twist and microwave. It reduces the consumption of oil to offer healthy, nutritious and low-fat food.. A key feature is that the flavour and texture of the food is retained. This gadget is perfect for people who are running short of time.

prestige microwave pressure cooker

Now lets see .. how i did lobia sundal using this gadget ..

lobia sundal

Sundal is south Indian salad made with different legumes/bean seed of your choice.We make this for festival occasions particularly for navarathri ,Ganesh Chaturthi,Vara Mahalakshmi and also offered as prasadam in most of the temples in Karnataka. They are very healthy and guilt free snacks which you can have any time of the day. You can have them as an accompaniment with your meals too.Most of the kids love them . I had shared before channa sundal it’s time for Lobia Sundal


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