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Nagara Panchmi or Nag Panchami , the 5th day of Shravan , is an auspicious day to worship Snake . In Hinduism , Naaga ( Cobras ) is considered as sacred God . On this day, devotees worship snakes to seek the blessings of the Gods of the serpents. People go to temples ( naga bana ) and snake pits and offer milk to the lord.Turmeric and yellow flowers are used in the pooja and are considered as auspicious. Few people worship at home using a silver idol.

Like any festival , Nagara Panchami too has few unique dishes made as Naivedyam for the day. No deep frying is done on this day by those who celebrate the nag panchami festival. Karnataka recipes for Nag Panchami that’s commonly made for is usually Eeraddde ( Patholi ) using Turmeric Leaf , Hal payasa , Akki Halbai , Akki Kadubi , Ellu Unde ( Chigli ) , Tambittu Unde, Kadle kayi unde ,hurigadle laddue etc.

To make things easier I thought of sharing all ” Nagara Panchami Recipes ” that I have posted till now under one page for easy reference…. Have a look

PATHOLI / EERADDE IN TURMERIC LEAF : For recipe click here

eeradde recipe

HALBAI / HALUBAI : For recipe click here

halbai recipe

THAMBITTU UNDE : For recipe click here

thambittu unde recipe

ELLU UNDE : For recipe click here

ellu unde recipe

KADLE KAI UNDE : For recipe click here

peanut laddu


roasted gram laddu recipe

RAVE UNDE : For recipe click here

rave unde

Over the time will share more Nagara panchami recipes , stay tuned !! Do try and enjoy !!

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