In this era where every other thing around us is probably adultered, environment contaminated, sedentary stressful life, our chaotic so-called “modern fast-paced ” lifestyle filled with unhealthy diet .. staying healthy & fit is indeed a challenge. Health is the new mantra and the wellness industry is thriving… with many new products on the block wooing the customers to be more health conscious, enthusiasts are always in a dilemma of what to choose and what not, in a pursuit to have a healthier lifestyle. Ayurveda has always been a part of me and i trust it completely as my Grandfather was one of the famous Ayurvedic doctors and had received Dhanwantri Award too for his services. So recently when I got an invite from Amway to learn more about their new series of natural supplements Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range .. I happily agreed to be a part of it.

The event started with an introduction to the brand followed by an address by the marketing communications Head for Amway Simrat Bishnoi who took us through their journey over the years. Globally, Amway is over 59 years old and direct seller of high-quality consumer goods. Amway products are popular not just in India, but across the world. After helping millions of people across the world with its vitamin and dietary supplements, extracted from natural products grown, harvested and processed on own certified organic farms, NutriliteTM extends its Nutrition & Wellness product portfolio with the launch of ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs’ Range. Backed by the best of nature and the best of science, Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs brings together the best of knowledge of Indian traditional wisdom and modern research to offer a comprehensive range of nutraceutical product supplements with physiological benefits.

The new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ vision, as it is developed for the Indian consumers. The range will be manufactured at Amway’s state-of-the-art LEED ‘GOLD’ certified manufacturing facility located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

The next presentation was from Ajay Khanna, the Category Head Nutrition And Wellness, Amway, who shared with us more insights about the company. Our centuries-old good health practices used a holistic approach to maintain the right balance between our body and mind.

The brand believes in the ‘prevention over cure’ philosophy and has come up with a new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, which combines best of science, best of nature and best of Indian traditional wisdom to offer a comprehensive range of nutraceutical product supplements with physiological benefits.

The Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range comprises of 4 products –

Nutralite Ashwagandha:

helps to support one’s vitality naturally. It has assured levels of Ashwagandha root extract drawn from the certified organic herbs. As per the ancient literature and modern science, this herb is found to be effective for easing stress, calming the nervous system and improving the energy levels
Nutralite Amalaki, Vibhitaki and haritaki:

helps to support one’s digestion naturally. This blend has assured levels of Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki extract drawn from certified Organic herbs. As per the ancient literature and modern science, this herb is found to be effective in aiding digestion and improving colon health by detoxifying and cleansing the body, reducing hyperacidity and improving appetite .tract drawn from certified organic herbs.
Nutralite Brahmi:

helps to support one’s mental agility naturally. This has assured levels of Brahmi extract drawn from certified organic herbs.As per ancient literature and modern science, this herb is found to be effective in improving attention, alertness, intelligence and concentration.
Nutralite Tulsi:

Supports ones immunity naturally. This has assured levels of Tulsi extract. As per ancient literature and modern science, the herb is found to be effective because of it is adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. Each nutralite tulsi pill contains 100 dried organic tulsi leaves.
When market is full of so-called Ayurvedic products, it is a real challenge for consumers to pick the right product, especially when all products claim to contain the same natural herbs. I am sure like me you too would be wondering why Amway Nutralite? Are the included herbs pure? Are they safe? even if they are pure & safe will they work efficaciously?

Dr C A Kishore (Ayurvedic Doctor, Bangalore) spoke about the traditional wisdom of Indian Herbs and gave an insight into what makes it special and unique from the other products in the market …

“Seed to Supplement” Approach
Amway develops all its products through a “seed to supplement” process. This stringent process encompasses multi-level quality checks ensuring the selection of the right farm, the right part, the right active ingredient, the right seeds, the right species, the right extraction, the right process, and the right product.

Highest Purity, Safety and Potency Standards
In addition, the ‘Seed to Supplement’ journey of the manufacturing process focuses on the three key pillars of traditional herbs –Purity, Safety and Potency.(PSP)

Purity: Certified Organic Herbs: Nutrilite ensures growing, harvesting and processing plants on certified partner organic farms from various parts of the country including MP, Karnataka, UP and Gujarat.
DNA Fingerprinted Herbs: Also known as DNA typing is a novel approach that involves identification of a species by reading the genetic make-up at molecular. It also helps in identifying better quality with active form and free from any kind of contamination/adulteration.
Safety: Nutrilite products are extensively researched, tested, and formulated to help people on their way to optimal health. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensure the safety,
Potency: The following factors ensure that new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range exhibits utmost potency standards:
Non-GMO Range: The herbal supplements are prepared from certified sources to prevent any unknown health hazards and it ensures safety.
Active Ingredient/ Constituents: The quality and efficacy of Nutrilite’s new range lie in its high concentration of beneficial active ingredient/s which are extracted right from the herbs. This makes the quality of Traditional Herbs range truly premium. For instance, one tablet of Tulsi has benefits equivalent to over 100 dried organic leaves of Tulsi.
Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range definitely brings back the grandmother’s home remedy, in a Purer, Safer and Potent.

All in all, it was a great insight full session. I have started taking Tulasi and feel more immune. Looking forward to trying the other products too sometime and get the benefits.Do you want to try too??. Priced at INR 649 inclusive of all taxes, for a bottle of 60 tablets…The Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range can be purchased from Amway distributors, Amway store or Amazon. These can also be purchased from Amazon too.

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    Raksha Kamat
    April 10, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Nutrilite products are really good. Taking them since a long time

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    Shruti Bhat
    April 10, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    good range of products. Amway has already established it’s name as a top health brand

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    Rachna Parmar
    April 13, 2018 at 7:40 am

    This seems like an interesting range from Amway.

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    Priya Sachan
    April 17, 2018 at 10:06 am

    This is such an amazing range of herbal products.

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    Ritcha Verma
    April 20, 2018 at 9:52 am

    I do use Nutrilite products but not this range! Will try this out!

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