Panaka Recipe with Step by step photos | Panaka for Ram Navami | How to do Panakam

Panaka Recipe with step by step photos is a tasty,very healthy and refreshing Summer drink made specially during Ram Navami . This traditional age old cooler is also known as Bellada Panaka in Karnataka and Panakam in other near by South Indian states . It’s sweetish , little spicy ,little tangy ,earthy with a tempting flavor.Do try and enjoy.

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The word Panaka / Panakam to many, may rekindle some good old nostalgic memories of your mom, granny, Aunty etc. In the summer’s it was a common practice to make different varieties of panaka , be it using some fruit or palin and beat the heat . Humble, age old Summer drink is from the era when there was no Fanta Mirinda Cola !!!
But in today’s world Panaka is usually synonym to Ramanavami , a very common and popular Naivedhyam offered to lord Rama !! I always look forward to having Panakam , Belada Hannina Sherbat , Neer Majjige , Kosambari on Sree Rama Navami.
And those of you who haven’t tasted Panaka.. do give a try . Made with jaggery , lemon juice, ginger powder, cardamom powder , black pepper and few more soothing spices , they are so perfect to make you feel chilled in Summer.

So tasty,very healthy and super refreshing !!

Few points to note while making Panaka recipe :

  • You can vary the quantity of Jaggery and water as per your preference.
  • Adjust lime based on your taste preferance.
  • If you cannot find dry ginger powder , you can use fresh ginger . Just crush fresh ginger and queese juice from it and add.
  • Addition of edible camphor and tulsi leaves is purely optional . They give more earthy and temple prasadam taste .

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